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Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, July 4, 2015

HapPy SuMMer

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend, celebrating July 4th, our beautiful country, family, and friends.

Don't you just love this time of year?  To me, it's the calm before the big storm.  The holidays are coming but not for a few months.  I like calm.  

We plan to grill hamburgers and hot dogs tonight while watching some fireworks.  Just some quality family time topped off with cherry pie.  The pretty pie dish below is my favorite one.

I think my pie looks almost as yummy as this beautiful pie dish I found at a thrift store not too long ago.  Right now I have it sitting in the center of our kitchen table.


So glad to say that I found the lamp to my china (Pfaltzgraff Folk Art) and ordered it.  I am in love.
When the lady posted it she listed it with the lampshade being faded so I told her to keep it and just ship the lamp.  I purchased a plain white shade and covered it in navy gingham.

It originally came with the solid country blue shade you see on the left below.  That's the seller's picture.  I like mine.  My sweet Builder Man rewired the lamp for me since this lamp was manufactured in the 80s.

A little touch of Americana on the mantel along with Builder Man's mules.

A few weekends ago I made a peach pie.  We do love pie around here so it didn't last long.

I didn't get any pictures but the last two weekends were filled with constant hatching of Keets (baby Guinea Fowl) and Quail that we had two incubators full of.  So cute!

Builder Man and I also took a little road trip for some fun shopping and yummy eating last weekend.


  1. Happy Fourth!!!!!!! Your cozy home looks so wonderful and so does that pie!!!!Blessings Francine.

  2. Hey girl, how are you? Your pies look delicious, especially the cherry-- my favorite! And your Pfaltzgraff lamp looks right at home in your beautiful country home. I love your lampshade better than the original, even if it wasn't faded. You just can't go wrong with gingham! As always... that's a great picture of you and builder man, you guys always take great pics!

    Hope your doing well my friend. Facebook has kicked me off too many times and I don't like the page because I can't see what my friends are doing and comment on them. =[ So I'm here for now and instagram. Started a new business, life if busy over here. Miss you friend!


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