Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Job New Cookbook

Hey there.  There's a lot going on right now, I've been a very busy lady.  I've got God to thank for everything, He always comes through for this ole' girl.  I am too blessed to be stressed, as my pretty tote has on it.

For several years now I've been praying for God to open the door for me to get back into a nice office job, the clerical field, full time with benefits.  I held on in faith.  He showed me once again that He doesn't do something half way.  I have a great new job, full time with benefits and it all happened suddenly, within a few weeks.

I'm sort of still in the adjustment period with my new daily routine.  But I'm loving every minute of it.

I hit the road early, I have a beautiful drive in before the crowds hit the highway.  

I'm usually armed with coffee or Coke.  

I'm always armed with God's word, my shield.  

See how bad my truck needs detailing.  Well I'm taking it in for a full detail this morning.  Not exactly what I wanted to do on a Saturday, but since I have to leave it I'll be spending the day with my son in town.  That makes it worth it.  

I listen to SBN radio or CDs of my preacher preaching all the way to work.  I commute about 27 miles one way.  Long enough to pray and worship God before the day gets started.  I love it.   

Oh, and I'm proud to announce I'm in another book.  Don't you just love a good slice of cake with your afternoon coffee?  Well when this one hits the shelves, look over on page 200 and try my Lemon Crunch Pound Cake.  It's a yummy one.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a blessed weekend.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Banjo Boy turns 21! Yes 21!

Good beautiful February 23rd evening folks.  It's been a while and I was missing blogging.  I've been a little sad today, my baby turned 21 years old.  As I worked and it would cross my mind, I would almost take a deep breath and gasp a little.  Hey, it might sound silly but I just can't believe it.

In a lot of ways Banjo Boy is a carbon copy of his daddy Builder Man.  In a lot of ways they are opposites.  May he bring as much joy to the rest of my life as he has for the past 21 years.