Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good Week

I don't know why, but after all these years I suddenly gave this a lot of thought.  It came to me one morning this week as I drove to work and passed the cemetery with the sprinklers going.  On my long drive to work which is almost a straight shot, very few curves and turns, I pass every aspect of life.

Not in this order, but I pass homes, several churches, a hospital, a lot of medial offices, a lot of shopping centers, a lot of banks, car lots, restaurants, a funeral home, and a cemetery.  Doesn't that just about cover it?  I drive through one official school zone with the school just a block off the highway and if I didn't turn into my workplace and kept going I would pass two colleges.  And it's almost a straight drive the whole way.  That's a whole lifetime right there.

And the two best days this week were:
Tuesday, because I went to my mom's and enjoyed a much too short visit with her.  Just me and her and I needed that.
Thursday, because two very special ladies in my life dropped by my work to see me.  My Aunt Cathy, which I love dearly dropped by.  A dear friend Sister Patsy, which I love dearly dropped by to see me and had a few pretties that she wanted me to have. Beautiful Easter decorations from her home to mine which I will cherish forever because she gave them to me.

How was your week?  

Monday, September 22, 2014

This song just says it all.

Yesterday we were blessed with two great services at church.  We attend the best little country church not too far from Lillie Mae Acres (which by the way will probably soon get a name change thanks to hubby's insistence LOL, but that's another story).  Our beautiful little old white church stands behind railroad tracks that are still used and yes the train comes on by even when we're gathered together in worship.  It rattles the building a little and makes a bunch of noise but that doesn't stop anything.  We are Pentecostal, and there is just no describing the love and fellowship that we all have for one another.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Here in Florida we go through "fallish" weather.  Like this morning, it was nice outside very early but became very steamy and hot real fast.  Even the dogs don't like it.  Well, Rufus doesn't.  He's kind of spoiled though.

Today is an off day for me so I have fall scents warming in the burners.  I've been looking at the melting scents every grocery day.  The other day I chose one called No Place Like Home.  This little farmhouse is smelling yummy and cozy right now.  

The other day I unpacked and fluffed up the plaid throws.  I took decorations out of the fireplace, put the screen on the hearth, and rearranged a few things to create a cozy atmosphere just waiting on the weather to cooperate. 

Are you ready?


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Winding Down

Summer is going going gone almost.  We're gearing up for the change that fall brings.  Here are just a few highlights in pictures.

And now for fall..................................

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Please forgive me for not posting in FOREVER!  It sure seems like forever.  Don't leave me faithful followers.  I appreciate all of you, I really do.
I would appreciate your prayers that things around Lillie Mae Acres can get back to something near normal.  I crave normal and a much slower more restful daily life.  Thank you so much.