Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, October 17, 2014

Having Some Fun

It's autumn, it's fall, it's lovely.  This is a fun time of year for all. 

Don't you just love sunflowers?  These are almost a week old now and still alive and beautiful in my farmhouse kitchen window.   

Our sweet Miniature Cowgirl loves moo cows. 

We enjoyed visiting a large farm and pumpkin patch last weekend.   




We love ornamental gourds.  The above picture is of a snake gourd. 

I hope you're enjoying beautiful weather. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


It's just a simple life of chili dogs instead of caviar.

Wild flowers picked by hubby when him and our beautiful Rufus Jack (WGSD) went for their morning walk, just for me.  

The morning SONrise beaming through our farmhouse kitchen window.  

And our lovely sweet precious Rufus Jack.  He loves us and we love him. 

Our life is just a plain, simple, humble life.  And we're happy.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Old Magazines and Coffee

Oh yes, soon and very soon I will be making the time to just sit down with a cup of coffee or two or three and plunder through these great oldies my sweet hubby brought home.

I love the ads too.   If we could only go back to the good ole' days.

The oldest one is 1971.  And just look at the huge price increase the following year. 

I love my beautiful fall decorations from my good friend Dawn.  She always always finds the cutest things. 

Have yourself a blessed day.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I love this time of year.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  I walked to my good friend's home sweet home for coffee and apple muffins.  After a very enjoyable visit I walked over to my mom's for a wonderful visit with her and a chili lunch.  I am blessed with the best people in my life.

This is my last day off this week.  I have cleaned up, mopped, there's more to be done around here too after lunch.  I washed the truck for an upcoming road trip to a pumpkin patch this weekend, and look what I prepared.  The most important menu of the year, and I'm not finished.  

I love this time of year!  Don't you?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Purple and Orange

Purple and orange thread.  Found it!  Way in the bottom of my sewing box. 

Does that purple spool really have a Woolworths label on it?  Wow!  When is the last time you found something in your little home with a Woolworths label on it?  This thread may be too old to use. 
I am creating a special outfit for our precious miniature cowgirl to wear to the pumpkin patch. 

Don't you just love this time of year? 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just Thinking

How lovely it would be if I had just a few more walls, corners, and hiding places in my small little farmhouse.  That's how I've felt most of the time in the last few years.  That's why I have been asking that sweet building hubby of mine to close in our huge back porch.  He says no.  I'm still working on him.  I'm thinking Florida Room with hot tub and we already have furniture to go out there.  I'm also after him about getting rid of that money pit pool of ours.  That's a whole different blog post though.

The furniture problem came about because hubby and I each lost a parent within a short time frame and each of them lived alone.  The homes had to be cleaned out, cherished items picked through, and then the homes sold.  Where do you think the cherished items that we couldn't part with went?  What we chose to keep came to be loved and cherished in our home.  Furniture included!  Some large pieces.  I know a lot of you have experienced this very thing. 

My dad had beautiful pieces that he had made and a few other pieces that I cherish.  Hubby's mom had a few pieces we kept and cherish.  But furniture coming in as an addition makes things a little crowded.  No, we aren't hoarders! I have plans for this stuff, I really do.  I think they say that on the hoarder shows too though. 

Fact is, if that son of ours would ever build his home on his little piece of land and move out (mixed feelings here about him moving out) and I could possibly redo his bedroom, I am thinking things might me perfect.  Not perfect, but ok.  We do plan to send a few pieces of furniture with him, including his bedroom suit.  I know when he does build and move out I'll wish all of his things were still there including him.  The extra space probably won't be as sweet as I'm thinking even though he'll be sitting in his own home in front of ours.  I'm sure we'll see him when he runs low on food and laundry detergent.  That's what I'm told.   

Why is the above bothering me this morning?  You know Lillie Mae!  I'm already wondering where I'm going to put the big family Christmas tree this year.  I know, it's just fall and our weather should be making a positive change real soon.  But I can't help it.  My little living room is over crowded with furniture and I am going to have to move a piece or two out for the tree.  I think.