Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Billy Bob the Snowman

We sure do miss our Lily Grace around here.   Hopefully she'll be back for a visit to Lillie Mae Acres in the summer, but right now.......she's building snowmen. 

She named him Billy Bob and put her daddy's camo hat on him.

She's busy building snowmen with mommy and daddy.  I don't see Colliar Thomas (her baby brother) in any of these pics.  He must have been sound asleep in the warm house. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I knew it.  I knew as they hung there I'd be doing something to change it a little, make it perfect to me and my liking.  (Refer back to my last post)
I've had this large iron key for a while and it used to hang in the bathroom.  I think it looks perfect between the shadow boxes. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time Consuming.......Worth It Though

My latest completed project was so time consuming, but worth every minute.  Thanks to my favorite store Hobby Lobby, where almost everything can be found for a decorating project.  What did we ever do without that place?  If you don't have one in your neck of the woods, what nice craft store(s) do you shop at?  I'd love to know what's in other states. 

Back to the project though.  I wanted to make shadow boxes for part of the master bedroom redo.  Our furniture is large and chunky, from the 80s era.  We love it and it is very nice quality but have recently sold the headboard and large oversized mirror/hutch.  Builder Man will be making our new headboard to look like two old barn doors.  I will be changing out the knobs and pulls on the furniture pieces, and I'll also change out the glass inserts.  The dresser has one insert that you can see in these pics and the armoir has two.  The walls will be repainted after Builder Man takes the double window out and hangs the french door.  One small step at a time though.   

After living without the much too huge mirror for a while I've decided I don't want a new mirror.  I have mirrors in other places and I think the shadow boxes look so pretty there instead.   

The girl shadow box is my step daughter Stacey's and the boy one is Matt's.   I started seeing these all over Pinterest and decided I had to do this.  It's much prettier than just having everything packed away in the cedar chest.

There's no way I would really hang a shadow box from ribbon so that is all just for looks.  I hung the boxes by their hangers then measured and decided how high I wanted the pretty iron hangers, then affixed the ribbon.   

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Banjo Boy is 19...No Way!

Is my baby boy really 19 years old?  No way, this is impossible! There is no way 19 years have gone by this fast!  Every moment and every second has been cherished by Builder Man and myself.  This kid (grown man) will forever be loved, cherished, and supported by us.


I asked Matt where he wanted to celebrate his birthday and he chose his favorite Mexican restaurant.  We had so much fun.  It was noisy and crowded but we were able to get a good table and enjoy the evening celebrating the fact that 19 years ago God blessed us with this wonderful son and we're very proud of him.  We want nothing but the best for his future. 




Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oink Oink

I'm pretty sure I've told everyone in the whole world that I love Hobby Lobby.  And I'm pretty sure I've also told everyone that unless it's an emergency, you should never ever pay full price for anything at Hobby Lobby.  I've just about got the sales rotation down in my head. 

I've been looking over and inspecting these pretty little pig chalkboards for a while now.  Almost everytime I go in there, which is often just ask my wallet.

They don't really cost that much, especially on sale.  But something kept me from getting them.  Actually I was going to choose only one of them.  But I always put it back and thought that I'd just decide later. 

They kept reminding me of something, the large pigs I already have.  I also remembered I have a can of chalkboard paint.  See where I am going with all of this talk of pigs, hogs?  Lillie Mae saved herself some money.  And that always makes me so happy. 

I painted one of my pigs today.  I love the way it turned out.  I've been enjoying writing little things on it like bacon, oink oink, pork chops, hog head cheese, etc.  I've got a new toy, and I have it sitting right there by my sink in my farmhouse kitchen. 

Have I said it before?  Have I already said I have spring fever really really really bad?  I'm sure I have, because I do!