Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's Get this place Decorated! Well almost!

Most of the day I have slowly been working at decorating the living room.  I'm sort of happy with my mantel, I think it's the simple look I wanted. 

To recap, I already posted about the cute little red plastic lanterns from Walmart.  They have them hanging up with inexpensive ornaments, ours locally are $1.97 each.  When I seen them I knew that they would be pretty made into a garland.

I love our little western snowman above.  You can't see them in the picture but his cute little deer friend has metal antlers.

The black and white graniteware cup above is so old.  I like just the simple look of a few sprigs of pip berries in it. 

Right now I plan to stop right here and look at it for a few days.  I can always add or take away. 
I also arranged my little gingerbread man in his kitchen.  I usually put these little items in my kitchen window but I have other plans for that this year.  Right now he's tucked away in one of the the hallway curio cabinets until after Thanksgiving.  He can be easily seen and enjoyed if the hallway light is on.  I try to add a little something to his kitchen every year.  This year I added the large cookie sheet of cookies and the peppermint trees.   

It looks like he's been a busy little baker!

I've never took on the challenge of a village scene.  Not like most of you do with lights and trains.  My mom has a pretty one every year so I thought I might try a little one this year.  Below you'll see that I used our little miniature buildings we've collected through the years and have added a few official village people and things to it to try my best to create a village.  The set of battery operated mini lights I bought yesterday don't work so I have to take them back and pick up new ones.  I think I have a picture out in my Christmas storage that will look good behind everything so it won't look so plain.  I'm not finished with this yet becuase I won't be getting into the boxes out in storage until sometime next  week.    
I know I have some trees and maybe a few more buildings in storage too. 
Well maybe I'll get a little more done before time to cook supper.  Have a blessed evening everyone and thank you so much for being faithful followers of my little blog. 



  1. Looking very festive, love the little lanterns.......The village is so sweet, enjoy seeing them put together..Blessings Francine.

  2. It looks great! I so want to get started but my hubby says it is to early. I still am in love with your mule prints with the barn wood...they look great over the mantle. Happy decorating and blessings!

  3. So very pretty! I like all your Christmas decorations.


  4. I really like your gingerbread man's kitchen. Very original idea. Your mantel with the lantern garland with the burlap ribbon is very attractive too. I like it.


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