Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Early Autumn Continued

As promised in my last posting, I took a few pictures of my front porch decorated (very little) for autumn.  The front porch needs a good cleaning, some repairs, and the front door needs painting so bad.  The spring and summer construction projects caused such a mess on it for so long that I have basically tried my best to ignore it.  I didn't really decorate it too much as I uaually do.


We are going to paint the front door red.  We also have a rustic deer head door knocker to hang on it when we do.  Of course that project is way way way down under a lot of other projects on the honey-do list.   


Last night when my hubby and son came dragging in from work, they had the great idea of grilling steaks.  So while dear ole' daddy goes to Piggly Wiggly (our local little country grocer, we love it) for thick steaks, I prepare the grill and Matt chills.  When Matt is around, Rufus turns into a big ole' lap puppy. 
Thanks for dropping by.  See you later and have a blessed day.

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  1. That porch looks so cute n welcoming :) That Hayride sign is so darned cute, I think I need one ;)
    Looks like fall will be coming very soon to Lillie Mae Acres, I'm looking forward to it's arrival here too :)
    LUVS ~ N ~ HUGS


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