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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stressful Shopping

Sometimes shopping is a chore and is very stressful.  I'm not talking about grocery shopping.  I find it very stressful and a dreaded chore to try to find large items for our home.  I can't stand the smell of Home Depot.

I was not happy that two rugs needed finding.  Finding is the word I used because where we live, we have limited shopping.  Very limited!  I don't want to order certain things, things that I really want to touch and feel the quality or lack of.  Things that I may have to return if it doesn't work. 

Starting last Monday (over a week ago) and again this Monday, I had literally searched almost every store for a large industrial rug for the mud room and the perfect runner for the short hallway.  Nothing store after store after store.  I'm not going to spend money on stuff that will just make do for a while.  I've never understood people doing that. 

At the last few stops, two separate stores I found what I prayed would work.  Both rugs were easy on my budget and would be no problem taking back if I needed to. 

We are all happy and they are both working out great.  I feel like the rugs will serve us for many years to come.  Now I want to settle in and decorate for fall.  Please my sweet Builder Man, don't send me back to Home Depot anytime soon and don't suggest anything extra for me to have to shop all over town for.         


  1. Oh girl I know, I'm with you. If it's something specific that I have to find, then it becomes stressful and not fun at all. I would much rather just go shopping and find somthing I like, then bring it home to find a spot for it.

    Your rugs look great though, you did a great job despite the stress =]


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