Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Little Crafting Pleasure

Here's a little sneaky peaky at what I've been doing this week.  Crafting!  I decided to revamp some of my old tired looking fall decor that I've always used throughout home and Matt's childhood.  I'd much rather continue using these family favorites rather than buying a bunch of new stuff.  I do buy things here and there that I just have to have but my favorites will live on.  

I've also been heavy cleaning this ole' home sweet home so I can decorate it for fall. 

I made the big cloth pumpkins above years ago. This year I decided to take them down to just the pumpkin (ripped off the felt leaves and raffia bows) and redo them using natural burlap, grungy sunflowers, and pip berries.  My sister gave me the big cloth turkey years ago and he needed a facelift too.  I don't have a craft room like a lot of ladies do but I do have a big laundry room so this is where I usually do my crafting.    

Ignore the raw wood walls of my hallway, that's one of the main construction projects going on around here right now this week.  But do look at that big ceramic pumpkin.  I added our initial and re-stained it for a grungier look.  Arrange a few pip berries and there you go!  I think it'll look better than ever when I get going with decorating the our little farmhouse kitchen.  Shhh, don't tell but it's really a cookie jar. 
More sneaky peaky pictures to come.  Have I mentioned I'm ready for fall?  I think I've put that in the last few blog postings because I just can't help myself.   


  1. I can see that fall is coming to Lillie Mae Acres & it all looks warm n cozy :)

  2. Hello, looks wonderful, love the pumpkins, bring Fall on!!!! Blessings Francine.

  3. That's funny girl, I've been revamping a few old fall pieces too. Burlap sure does give things a new look and I just LOVE the country look of burlap. Your "new" pumpkins are darling! I'm also doing the heavy cleaning as I go. I'm enjoying the facelift but it sure is hard to be patient when all my fall is on the family room floor, haha! Hey, I've been thinking about adding our initial to a pumpkin too but haven't actually bought the sticker yet. I can't believe that's a cookie jar, I love the new grungy look to it!

    Looking good Denise, have fun~


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