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Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, July 7, 2013

House Rules Family Rules

You know how everyone is going crazy for the Family Rules signs?  Well me too, except I knew I didn't want that look.  The ones in Hobby Lobby and all over Etsy are stenciled or painted on boards or canvas.  I wanted ours to be a little different.  I like different, surely you know that about me by now.   

I found the metal signs that would work, and I like what they say.  I told that sweet Builder Man of mine what I wanted and he made it. 

I have the sign leaned against a wall in our mud room, which is our main entrance and I love it.  I'm completely happy with the way it turned out.

Builder Man also finally got the mirrors in the window from my grandmother's house.  He salvaged several of the nicest windows from her home, the sweet little home I have so many fond memories of.  Now it is a mirror above my Singer Sewing machine just inside the entrance, across from my Home Rules sign in our mud room.  I'm happy happy happy, and oh so blessed. 


  1. Evening, how sweet, love the window turned mirror, wonderful memories, Francine.

  2. Hey girl, that's a great idea to make your own and I love yours! I also love that green that you've used in your mud room. Mine is similar only a little darker. The old window is lovely with beautiful chippy paint and even better that it hold fond memories for you! Looking good~


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