Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do you remember your great grandparent's homes?  I do.  As a child, both of my mother's grandmother's (my great grandmothers) were still living.  What a blessing to have great grandmothers still living.  So many people miss out on that.  I was young when both passed away, but old enough to have visited and played around their homes with sisters and cousins.  Old enough to have some memories.

I was old enough to remember that bodies were brought out and placed in front rooms of these homes instead of being left in the funeral home for viewing.  That truly disgusted me but I don't think I knew how to relate that to my parents.  I remember it being scary and almost making me sick.  I really remember thinking that it was wrong, weird, different.  I've recently just started thinking about that from way back then and that may be the reason I prefer cremation over the huge ceremonies of showing the body.  Even the disgust and sickness of it didn't stop me from taking a dare from my older sister to touch one between the eyes.  I did it, and the second I did she ran yelling it through the much too quiet house of whispering people and putrid smell of flowers everywhere.  I got a lecture of how her eyes could have popped open, you don't ever touch the dead!  Isn't that funny, can you imagine scaring a little girl like that?  I laugh now of course.    

I can almost smell the musty smell at one of the homes.  I specifically remember the moth ball smell of one of them and the rat traps.  The other one didn't even have an indoor bathroom, someone had built one on the back porch so I guess that's kind of like having an indoor bathroom. Isn't that funny?  And it was scary and nasty to me!

But something else that I have remembered recently is the objects, the things sitting around that made their home home to them.  I honestly can't remember the things like couches and beds, that didn't matter to a little girl.  I remember the other things, the things I would touch and look at even if I wasn't supposed to.  Glass things, pictures, door knobs, chippy paint that I could secretly chip off the door facings and make look worse than it already did.  Probably lead paint of course. 

I remember running around outside, playing in their yards.  One of them had a cement gold fish pond that initially had marbles poked into the cement but they were falling out.  Maybe we pried a few more out.  I remember playing with kittens from under the house and the mom wanting her kittens back.  But as little girls, kittens were meant to be toted around all day and played with like dolls. 

Now why did I wake up with all this on my mind this morning?  I think this blog posting was going to be about me wanting people to remember the little special touches in my home that I put a lot of love and thought into.  The things I like and have sitting around that will add to someones memories.  The fact that our home is small and comfortable, crowded with what we call treasures, and peaceful.. That's how I would like Matt and others to remember our home. I promise not to make them have memories of bodies laying in the front room and that putrid smell of flowers.  I still laugh at that one. 

I'm blessed to have these memories of great grandmother's homes.  I actually remember their homes more than I do them.  I guess I was so young I never really hung around inside with the actual great grandmothers much, too many adults piled into the small houses so us kids hung around outside.  You know the good old days?  Outside was way better than inside anywhere you went!  I wish kids today hung around outside more than inside. 

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  1. Morning, love your post this morning, reading it brought back such wonderful memories of my Grandparents great...Thank you, Francine.


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