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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aaahhh Summer is here

I love it, I've only been in the pool once but I don't usually get in too much anyways.  It was a test, I needed to see if Rufus was going to let us swim without him jumping in.  He did, he's such a good boy. 

I do love my two favorite guys. 
How about you?  Are you enjoying summer?  Have you been crossing off some of those projects on your to-do list? 
I have.  Below is our master bedroom dresser, minus the huge mirror with lights and shelves that we have already gotten rid of.  Yes, it's a late 80s early 90s bedroom suite, complete with ceramic knobs and pulls.  And frosted painted glass inserts.  Blue! 
Well you know Lillie Mae,  this ole' girl is going to change it if she can!  Look below at what I did, and we love it. 

That's burlap in the middle of the painted glass.  I changed the hardware, which is kind of expensive to do but of course not as costly as new furniture would have been.  I painted the glass inserts Espresso and glued a strip of burlap in the middle.  I'm happy for right now, but that sweet Builder Man hubby of mine needs to hurry and start building the new headboard.  Stay tuned for that, but I doubt it'll be anytime soon.  I am wanting two barn doors complete with rustic hardware for the headboard.  We'll see.
And I have had this little precious suitcase for a very long time.  We picked it up one day at an antique store and I never was happy with it.  It's been tucked here and there, never really on display until now.  I added vintage travel stickers to it and it's sitting in the mud room.  I love it.

Thanks for stopping by.  I sure hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July. 


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  1. The bedroom furniture makeover looks great. It is amazing what just a little change can do. Love the pic of your and your sweetie. Looks great! Enjoy your Summer and blessings!


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