Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God Is Everywhere

Good morning world!  How blessed you are if you're safe, secure, sheltered, fed, and loved.  God deserves all the praise and glory.   He is everywhere and He is all!

God provides food for our family.  Builder Man and I love cooking and sharing yummy food with those we love. 
God provides the clean air we breath, the refreshing water and sun we all crave and enjoy.

I so enjoy the chore of laundry, keeping my two favorite guys clean and happy.  Last year my sweet Builder Man helped me create the laundry room of my dreams to work in.  I love my folding counter and am enjoying a small Scentsy burner in that area, with scents of spring flowing throughout the laundry and mud rooms.   
I enjoy creating little comfy areas inside and out for us to sit and chat, sip coffee & snuggle, or just sit thinking, reading God's word and praying. 

Rufus Jack has brought so much joy into our lives.  He's full of energy and demands us to pretend that we are too. LOL 

Don't ever take for granted that God provides all our needs big and small.  Chickens are beautiful creatures, they give us fresh eggs daily to enjoy ourselves and share with others. 
Our black Tennessee Walker Shadow is so peaceful to watch.  Horses are such a thing of beauty and peace, large creatures that seem to just know.  Free therapy!  I can walk out there to her pasture with a cup of coffee and a few apple slices for her to enjoy and come back to the house with a fresh attitude about whatever was troubling me. 

Rufus Jack will be one year old next week.  Builder Man and I bathed him yesterday which is a back breaking chore, but he needed it.  This little monster loves the outdoors and every inch of the yard, especially the dirt!
How about you?  Are you already enjoying prettier weather, enjoying everything God is and does? 

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  1. Love your post, beautiful pictures and words......Rufus is so handsome... I will be going out and enjoy the outdoors, Blessings Francine.


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