Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, April 29, 2013

Thoughts and Thankfulness

A few evenings ago I stopped by to get takeout and bring home for supper.  As I was leaving I passed a car jammed packed with people, they were bickering loudly.  As the passenger door opened and a lady got out I could here all the loud fussing, then she slammed the door.  I instantly thought of thankfulness to God for my peaceful life.  Thankfulness to God that I desire to always surround myself with mature, calm, happy people and would never allow myself to be like that.  It always amazes me that some folks don't care what they do or say in public.  So you can just imagine their private life.  Lord help them! 

At work I see many different people.  Many different attitudes.  Sunshine and joy bounces off some while hatred and grumpiness has far too many tightly bound.   I pray for a co-worker of mine that has nothing nice to say about any customer or any other employees past or present.  I can't even enjoy a conversation with this person.  I don't like it when others put a gloom in the air and don't respect othrs around them.  Of course it's the sunshiny attitudes, smiles, and laughter that are fun to be around.  The thankful attitudes, friendliness, and smiles, showing the world that you're thankful to God for every breath and plan to enjoy life no matter what.  So why can't everyone just try to be happy?  Try to make others around them happy?  Why carry misery around for the public to see?  Why try hard to make everyone around you miserable?  And for goodness sake, why fuss and argue in public? 

I'm always so happy to be home sweet home.  I'm always so happy when I see the last set of red lights up on the big highway before turning off and getting closer and closer to our little peace of Heaven.  Down the long dirt road, down the long curvy trail under the big shady trees, knowing I'm on our private land where the world is shut out and corner post to corner post has been prayed over and given to God.


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  1. Morning, I hear ya all to well.....I don`t understand why people are so grumpy and rude....I always try to be happy but at work, there are those unhappy people who try and bring ya down, so sad.....Blessings Francine.


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