Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, April 29, 2013

Thoughts and Thankfulness

A few evenings ago I stopped by to get takeout and bring home for supper.  As I was leaving I passed a car jammed packed with people, they were bickering loudly.  As the passenger door opened and a lady got out I could here all the loud fussing, then she slammed the door.  I instantly thought of thankfulness to God for my peaceful life.  Thankfulness to God that I desire to always surround myself with mature, calm, happy people and would never allow myself to be like that.  It always amazes me that some folks don't care what they do or say in public.  So you can just imagine their private life.  Lord help them! 

At work I see many different people.  Many different attitudes.  Sunshine and joy bounces off some while hatred and grumpiness has far too many tightly bound.   I pray for a co-worker of mine that has nothing nice to say about any customer or any other employees past or present.  I can't even enjoy a conversation with this person.  I don't like it when others put a gloom in the air and don't respect othrs around them.  Of course it's the sunshiny attitudes, smiles, and laughter that are fun to be around.  The thankful attitudes, friendliness, and smiles, showing the world that you're thankful to God for every breath and plan to enjoy life no matter what.  So why can't everyone just try to be happy?  Try to make others around them happy?  Why carry misery around for the public to see?  Why try hard to make everyone around you miserable?  And for goodness sake, why fuss and argue in public? 

I'm always so happy to be home sweet home.  I'm always so happy when I see the last set of red lights up on the big highway before turning off and getting closer and closer to our little peace of Heaven.  Down the long dirt road, down the long curvy trail under the big shady trees, knowing I'm on our private land where the world is shut out and corner post to corner post has been prayed over and given to God.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Darling Little Thing

Sometimes I go and look around Hobby Lobby for fresh ideas even when I don't plan to buy anything in particular.   The other morning I saw the most darling little thing.  Beautiful blue wind chimes that I instantly knew would look good above my kitchen sink.  I know the real use for wind chimes is supposed to be outside but when have I ever followed the rules? 

I love them.  They added a touch of color to our little farmhouse kitchen.  I've been trying to add yellows and other spring colors while slowly taking away the reds. 
The other day before daylight, Rufus and I were outside (his choice not mine) enjoying the crisp air and him chasing after the ball a million times.  I really do like it out there before the sun comes up, while it's still wet and cool.  Knowing the coffee will be ready when I go back in the house.  I decided it was picture worthy so I ran back in for the ole' trusty camera.
This is our back door facing the driveway.  It's heavily used and we plan to build a cover over it hopefully this summer. 

There he is.  Our precious boy Rufus, and if you'll look in the lower left corner you'll see his ball.  It doesn't matter what we are outside doing, his only reason for being out there is to play ball. 

This afternoon after church, all of us got outside and did yard work.  It was so fun, and while I was riding the mower I looked around at Matthew doing his job, Wayne doing his, and Rufus going from one to the other with the ball in his mouth.  I thank God for our little family, our little home, and our land.  Most of all, I thank God for our health and love for one another.  The yards look beautiful.  This was the first yard work of the year.  Many more to come. 
So, what have you found recently that you just had to have for your little home sweet home?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Beautiful out There!

It's spring, it's beautiful, and there's just no wanting to stay indoors.  This morning I was supposed to get up and clean this pig pen little house of ours.  Me and Rufus just couldn't stay inside.  We worked out in the flower beds and raking until noon.  Now here I sit, taking a break from house work this late in the afternoon.  A lot of chores still to do before bed and work tomorrow. 

I need to go get mulch. 




Friday, April 5, 2013

What's Cooking

Don't you just love Gooseberry Patch?  I sure do.  I really miss their online store when they sold kitchen items and decorations.  The online store is still there and just packed full of beautiful cookbooks and calendars for all of us country ladies to continue to enjoy.  Their cookbooks are always full of recipes that families can sit down and enjoy, recipes that won't break the bank to prepare, and recipes that have been passed down to friends and family from pot luck suppers at church and family reunions. 

I actually have recipes in a few of them. 

I do love cooking for my family and friends.  I love lazy mornings with big country breakfasts cooking, coffee brewing, and sun shining through the window of our little farmhouse kitchen.

I do love baking and creating beautiful yummy desserts for those I love.

I like it when hubby cooks too, that way I can prop my feetsies up and take it easy. 
What's been cookin' up in your little kitchen lately?