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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adding More For Builder Man

Oh no! The spring to-do list just keeps growing and we haven't had the extra finances or time to really start pecking away at it yet.  I just keep adding to it though.  I am a dreamer and a planner.

I think it's time to ask Builder Man very sweetly to disconnect the chandelier from our bedroom ceiling so I can sand it and paint it black.  I want to take the prisms off and give it a total makeover, then it will have a colonial look to it.   

After all, I'll have to have that colonial light fixture to match the new headboard.  New headboard?  Oh, didn't I tell you, that's on the list too.  I want him to build this for us and he'll also have to build a matching mirror to hang over the dresser.  I want our headboard stained Espresso and I do not want the lamps attached to it.  I have no doubt that sweet Builder Man and I can pull this off, he is so talented and amazes me over and over.  I draw it or show him a picture and he can build it.  I am so blessed. 

(This pic came from Pinterest)

Maybe I need to go down this already much too long spring to-do list and put everything in the order that I really want it done in.  It really doesn't matter, we are so funny.  It's nothing for us to just get started on one project and skip to the next.  It keeps us busy and we have so much fun.

So you see how the chandelier has got to go!  But the fixture can be saved and made over to be a colonial fixture.  Just wait, you'll see!



  1. That will look so nice in your bedroom !! I can't wait to see the finished projects when Mr. Builderman gets them finished !! Great ideas Denise !!!

  2. Thank you for becoming my newest follower! I love the headboard you are wanting to build, so charming.
    I look forward to following you.


  3. Love this headboard it's perfect ... think might also do this ...
    thanksfor sharing... PS love all your blog post.. I recently had to close
    mu blog tooooo many issues with Blogger etc...

    Smiles Ladybug :-)

  4. Ooooh, LOVE that! It will look great when you are done. Yes, you are very much blessed to have a man that can do all that for you. Mine can work on cars which is a blessing but not good with building, hehe~


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