Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting Cards Ordered

What's your weather like?  Our weather has been beautiful, in the 70s and mildly cool at night.  I started thinking about Christmas cards way before Thanksgiving but just never could seem to get my act together.  I guess the weather has me fooled into thinking I have more time before Christmas. 

Finally I have them on order.  I finally got out there and took some real good pictures of Matt and Red, but Rufus was not into letting me do real good pictures with him.  I do have really cute cards on order through Snapfish and will rush through addressing them as soon as I get them. 



Have a blessed day folks.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

So Very Blessed and Thankful

Hello everyone.  I've missed blogging.  I've been so busy.  Maybe just maybe the rest of this month will taper off and be the lovely Christmas month I imagine.  I'm imagining spending all down time with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in my hand, a fire roaring if it's cold enough, and either a nice Christmas movie on or Christmas music.  My shopping is almost all done because I bargain shop all year long.  I've also done a lot of bargain online shopping recently, catching great deals even some I noticed were way better than black Friday ones.  Yay for me because I do not go shopping on that day. 

Stepping back two weeks before Thanksgiving, my step dad had a heart attack.  Bypass surgery followed that and thank God he did great, went home just before Thanksgiving, and is still doing great.  Our God is so good and we should never fail to thank Him always giving him the glory. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I prepared our feast as I do each year when I host it here on Lillie Mae Acres but I took it up to my mom's since my step dad could not get out in the cold.  Brrr, Florida had some low temps for a couple of days there. 

Matt had already ate and left by the time we ended up taking a few pictures so I didn't get a good one of him. 

I do love my sweet Builder Man and am so very thankful for God's blessings on our life.

I think he looks pretty good for all he's been through.  The both of them. 

My sister Sherry and her family.

Of course we all ate like piggies.  

There's Matt sitting my me at the table.  That's my boy and I do thank God for him everyday.  Love that kiddo! 

Matt and his cousin did a little hunting.

That's it folks.  Nothing big and fancy, just a nice thankful day filled with family, love, joy, and new memories. 

And as always, thank you for being faithful readers of my little country blog.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's Get this place Decorated! Well almost!

Most of the day I have slowly been working at decorating the living room.  I'm sort of happy with my mantel, I think it's the simple look I wanted. 

To recap, I already posted about the cute little red plastic lanterns from Walmart.  They have them hanging up with inexpensive ornaments, ours locally are $1.97 each.  When I seen them I knew that they would be pretty made into a garland.

I love our little western snowman above.  You can't see them in the picture but his cute little deer friend has metal antlers.

The black and white graniteware cup above is so old.  I like just the simple look of a few sprigs of pip berries in it. 

Right now I plan to stop right here and look at it for a few days.  I can always add or take away. 
I also arranged my little gingerbread man in his kitchen.  I usually put these little items in my kitchen window but I have other plans for that this year.  Right now he's tucked away in one of the the hallway curio cabinets until after Thanksgiving.  He can be easily seen and enjoyed if the hallway light is on.  I try to add a little something to his kitchen every year.  This year I added the large cookie sheet of cookies and the peppermint trees.   

It looks like he's been a busy little baker!

I've never took on the challenge of a village scene.  Not like most of you do with lights and trains.  My mom has a pretty one every year so I thought I might try a little one this year.  Below you'll see that I used our little miniature buildings we've collected through the years and have added a few official village people and things to it to try my best to create a village.  The set of battery operated mini lights I bought yesterday don't work so I have to take them back and pick up new ones.  I think I have a picture out in my Christmas storage that will look good behind everything so it won't look so plain.  I'm not finished with this yet becuase I won't be getting into the boxes out in storage until sometime next  week.    
I know I have some trees and maybe a few more buildings in storage too. 
Well maybe I'll get a little more done before time to cook supper.  Have a blessed evening everyone and thank you so much for being faithful followers of my little blog. 


Monday, November 4, 2013

I Sure Am Slow

I sure am slow in my old age.  Actually I have not felt 100% for about two weeks now so holiday cleaning and decorating is not happening as fast as normal. 

I showed you the beginning of my little craft project in the last post using cute little red lanterns from Walmart.  I did get them hung this morning before having to go grocery shopping.  I'm certainly not finished with this lantern garland yet.  I just wanted to see if it was the right length.  

I've got to get on the ball and get some Christmas decorating done.

You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.  Maybe I can get it finished this week and get the mantel decorated.  I have no idea when I'll get our family tree up.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Time!

And let the Christmas crafting begin.

What am I making?  You'll just have to wait and see.  

I work for the next few days so it'll probably be a few days before I can get back to crafting and possibly start my decorating in the living room. 
My plan is always to have my kitchen decorated for fall on Thanksgiving Day, which it already is.  That's done.  And the living room decorated for Christmas.  Of course not done yet.  This year, I may not have as much Christmas decorated in the living room as I want.  I think we're going to be starting on a redecorating project in there which includes moving the tv across the room and covering up a huge wall with reclaimed wood.  Why oh why do we do this to ourselves? 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Finally Done

A few posts back I showed you empty frames.  Empty frames waiting on Hobby Lobby to get our Mule sketches matted.  I love the burlap mattes.  They had to be custom ordered so we had to wait.  Well worth it!

One of the ladies back in the framing department about a month before I ordered told me it wouldn't look good.  I took one of the sketches in when I purchased the frame for it and then was looking at their custom mattes for ideas.  She actually told me the burlap didn't look good, it didn't match.  I told her well it'll look great you've never seen my home.   

And you know what?  Builder Man and I are so happy, we're glad I didn't listen to her. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rufus Day

The weather has been so nice in the mornings and evenings.  Some years we hardly get a fall season down here in hot sunny Florida but this year it seems we'll be able to enjoy some true fall weather.  We are loving it.   

Today was Rufus Day.  I've been very busy for the last two days so I planned to spend some quality time with just him.  He's 1 year and 4 months now, getting so big and he is so sweet and smart. 

This morning Rufus and I drove out to the road and painted the mailbox.  It needed a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up and a new set of numbers.  After lunch Rufus got a bath and when he was dry I took these fall pictures of him.  As long as I promise to play ball with him, he'll pose for pictures. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Our two beautiful mule sketches have been taken to Hobby Lobby for special matting.  So here sits the empty frames.

I misunderstood the original lady I talked to and thought the custom mats were there, just of higher quality than the ready made and they would just cut them for me.  When I actually took the sketches in to get matted, I found out that they order the custom mats in the exact size.  Very much more expensive than I thought too but I used a 40% coupon on each one, two separate orders.  They won't even be in until October 14.  Who knew it would take that long?   

So until Hobby Lobby calls to bring the barn wood frames in on or after the 14th, we're stuck looking at a funny looking mantel. 

In the meantime, that sweet hubby of mine who I affectionately refer to as my Builder Man will cut the glass and make the backs for each frame.  The lady that took the order told me they'll put it all together for me.  I sure hope so. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A New Family Member

Matt got a new horse.  He's so beautiful and him and Shadow are getting along so good.  I can hardly believe how sweet she is being. 

His name is Red.

And you all know our beautiful spoiled brat Rufus. 

It's easy to get a picture of the chickens but the guineas are free roaming and they were already gone off into the woods when I was taking pictures. 

Today is the official first day of fall 2013.  This being Florida, it will be warm for a while longer but today is rainy and cool.  The leaves and grass will remain green for a while longer; although, I have noticed a few leaves falling because of breezy nights.  Feels like fall today so this ole' girl is not grumbling.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Blue Dryer Balls....Nope!

Hey there.  Have any of you ever used dryer balls?  I've been making our laundry soap for a couple of years now and we love it.  I just haven't been satisfied with any of the homemade softener recipes out there, I can't get the scent I love.  I've seen these on the internet, and ran across them yesterday at my favorite little Bealls Outlet.   

See these little suckers?  They are not even worth the $2.99 I gave for them yesterday.  I think Rufus has a couple of new toys. 

I don't really dry a lot of our clothes.  But we do love our bath towels to be soft and plush.  This does not happen with these dryer balls.  So I guess it's back to the liquid fabric softener.  At least I tried.   

See what all they promise these little things do?  Soft and fluffy is one of the promises.  I'm glad they were cheap or I'd be real upset. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Please Help Me Find One!

Please someone, please tell me where to find a metal kitchen garbage can in a bronze finish.  Why doesn't Simplehuman have any other finish but stainless?  I do not want plastic.  I have plastic right now and for Christmas I am asking Santy Claus for a nice kitchen garbage can with bells and wistles. 

I would love a sensor can, metal, but not in stainless finish.  It will stand our like a sore thumb.  I really want bronze. 

I appreciate any store names and web sites you can pass on to me.  Thanks a bunch!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Early Autumn Continued

As promised in my last posting, I took a few pictures of my front porch decorated (very little) for autumn.  The front porch needs a good cleaning, some repairs, and the front door needs painting so bad.  The spring and summer construction projects caused such a mess on it for so long that I have basically tried my best to ignore it.  I didn't really decorate it too much as I uaually do.


We are going to paint the front door red.  We also have a rustic deer head door knocker to hang on it when we do.  Of course that project is way way way down under a lot of other projects on the honey-do list.   


Last night when my hubby and son came dragging in from work, they had the great idea of grilling steaks.  So while dear ole' daddy goes to Piggly Wiggly (our local little country grocer, we love it) for thick steaks, I prepare the grill and Matt chills.  When Matt is around, Rufus turns into a big ole' lap puppy. 
Thanks for dropping by.  See you later and have a blessed day.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Early Autumn

It's that time of year.  Some mornings feel slightly breezy, some evenings slightly breezy.  The middle hot and muggy, or rainy and steamy.  No matter how slow Florida is ringing in autumn (which I know is not officially here yet), I still decorate.  I like to decorate a little earlier than most so I can enjoy it.  I'll do that for Christmas too. 

My super talented hubby has been working on the bathroom and hallway for most of the summer and it's at the final stages now so I was able to clean up real good and decorate without the fear of everything getting moved or messed up. 

So please come on inside our little farmhouse.  Grab a cup of coffee and let's enjoy the early autumn atmosphere.  We can pretend like it's chilly outside. 

I do love my Amish dolls my mom made me years ago.
This wood is new on the hallway walls.  Re purposed, scrap, reclaimed!  We do love the old stuff.  

We've already had hot boiled peanuts so many times this year.  It seems like they are early, maybe because of all the rain we had all summer. 

I'm in the mood to bake a Zucchini Bread.  Maybe a Pumpkin Bread. 

We still have some flooring issues to fix and the threshold strips under each new door.  We got our favorite picture hung.  This is a picture we brought home from a trip to the Smoky Mountains years ago when we were dating.  It has always hung somewhere throughout our little home. 

Thank you for dropping by Lillie Mae Acres.  I'll hopefully be able to take some pictures of the front porch tomorrow.  I didn't do too much to it this year because the front door needs repainting.