Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bathroom Under Construction

UPDATE on 08/03/12: No owls! I've changed my mind. UGH, believe it or not decorating new spaces causes me so much stress!

I've been so busy this summer, it seems like I can't just sit down with a cup of coffee and blog. But little Lily is worth every second I spend with her and she'll be going home soon.

We decided it's either start and finish the bathroom addition and remodel now or wait until next spring. The bathroom is now under construction. I know what ya'll are thinking. Lillie Mae Acres is always under construction. That's the truth and it keeps us going.

The bathroom is going to be beautiful, yet plain. I am so tired of themes and color in there so it will be dark stones and tiles, bronze fixtures, and an old looking copper sink that is partially recessed/vessel. That's simple enough, browns and whites.

I do have these two precious little owl figurines that I would kind of like on a shelf.

(Ignore the eagle, he won't be in there)

They are tiny and both were picked up on one of our Smoky Mtns weekends. Then I thought of a larger owl. Maybe an owl statue in one corner on the floor. I know a flea market where they sale cement outdoor sculptures. I could probably get a nice size owl and stain it all one color of brushed bronze/brown. Not too big, maybe 2 feet tall at the most?

While thinking of owls of all things, I remembered why I am even thinking of owls. My friend Jackie of shared with me that her grandfather created a huge owl statue in their hometown for the elementary school. I don't remember her sharing this on her blog but you will enjoy the beautiful pictures she does post.

This is new to me because I've just never paid attention to owls but all of a sudden I want just these three mentioned in my new bathroom. Hmmm?

These would be pretty if they aren't too big.

Then there's the big I really want eyes looking at me in the bathroom?

Monday, July 16, 2012

LitTle suMmeR GuEst

Our little summer guest is still enjoying herself and of course we are still enjoying her and soaking in every second. 

The sun was in their eyes, but sometimes memory making just has to happen when you only have a second for a picture.  My mom and I are going to scrapbook her visit with us, send it to her and her mommy and then year after year she can add pages. 

Her and I have been doing our shopping on Mondays to get that out of the way for the week. 

And while big sissy Lily is enjoyng her Florida summer, Colliar is back home with mommy and daddy in Missouri growing way too fast.  I have never held, smelled, tasted, or loved this sweet boy and he's already almost 9 months old.  

Have a blessed day and week everyone.  Thanks for stopping by Lillie Mae Acres again and come back soon.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Tart

I've always called this delicious sweet baby girl my pink little cuppycake. 

Oh but she has another delicious little nickname now.

One that fits her big wonderful 2 1/2 year old personality.
She's a Sweet Tart!

You know, one of the big soft chewy ones that taste so good!  Sweet to begin with then gets a little tart, then sweet again, then tart again, etc.  That's my Lily!

On the way to town yesterday, I gave her a baby wipe to wipe tire smudge off her cute little chubby fingers.  She had touched the tire when we were trying to get loaded up.  She kept it to hold, that was fine with me. Of course I had no idea she would shred it into confetti.  Confetti that a piece of ended up in her nose.  I'm glad she sneezed it out because when she told me it was up there, I couldn't see anything.  I told her it probably burned because she wiped her nose with it.  She knew though, she knew she had stuck that piece of confetti up her nose!  Oh boy! 

About the same time, she had strings of gum (she promised not to take it out of her mouth and yes I believed her) between wet chubby fingers.  I saved the day, her hair, and my truck.  Whew!   

We made it to town, had a pleasant shopping trip until the very end. She was begging to get out, tired, sleepy, past ready for a nap.  A RUDE yes rude older couple practically ran and jumped in line ahead of me to check out.  There are just some people that I can't have patience for and it's mostly selfish people.  I know they knew she needed to get a nap and that they heard me trying to please her.  I was literally ahead of them and SWOOP they jumped ahead.  I hope they got home ok because I bet he drives like that too.  Slow, fast, slow, fast!  You know the ones!

She gave in almost as soon as I buckled her in!    

What a little pink cuppycake sweet tart!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Morn!

         Good beautiful summer morning from Lillie Mae Acres.

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Have a Good 4th

Have a blessed and happy Fourth of July!


This morning here around Lillie Mae Acres it is foggy.  Very foggy.  It always worries me when loved ones are having to drive in fog and bad weather.  I can't count the times I told Matt to please drive careful this morning because of the fog.  I was getting those looks, you know the ones from your "grown" child as you show that you are overly concerned for their well being.  I know God will take care of him and that brings peace.  In a few minutes, I'll be saying the same things to Wayne.  Only he'll reply each time in a kind way, not the "eyes".  I do love these two, they are my two favorite guys in the whole world and I thank God for them. 

So, are you into the big wooden letters yet?  I just love them and created this grouping a while back in the living room.  I'm thinking about some more ideas for letters.  There are so many ideas floating around online. 

Today will be house cleaning around here in between showing little Miss Lily a lot of attention and love.  Her and I need to get this ole' farmhouse ready for a small family gathering tomorrow.  We almost didn't get her out of the pool last night.  She's still asleep right now, exhausted little thing!  I can hardly wait until we show her the new babies hatching in the incubator.  So far two little itty bitty keets have hatched.  Wayne had to rescue one of our guineas that was sitting almost under the hey roll.  Crazy girl!  The hay roll was going to colapse on her to he faught her off the nest and rescued the eggs. 

I sure hope everyone has a wonderful safe July 4th.  It's so natural to include God in all of our celebrations and everyday life.  He is such a giver of happiness, wisdom, love, and protection.  We need Him in our personal lives and we need Him to heal and guide our wonderful country.  Please don't leave Him out. 

Thank you for stopping by, come see me again real soon.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fourth of July pre-plans

Fourth of July menu.  Oh yes, it's coming together thanks to my huge collection of recipes I've gathered in a board on Pinterest.  Don't you love it?

Here's the menu so far.  And yes, it's missing the main attraction (meat), but I still have to think about that a little.  It's way too hot here to stand outside over a grill unless you want to.  I'm leaning towards a big pot of homemade chicken and dumplings for the main.  Besides, we grill so often that it's nothing special, it's just something we do. 

Menu so far:

Cheesy Zucchini Bake
Pea Salad
Coca Cola Cake (addorned w/ those precious little flag toothpicks of course)

Now you tell me, don't you think a big pot of chicken and dumplings will be ok for the main?  It'll be like we're eating at Cracker Barrel except with a pool out the back door for us to enjoy and us lounging around indoors and out as we please.  No traveling required!

I am seriously thinking about making myself a personal collection of homemade banners for different occassions.  Not like the one above (image I found online), but the triangle cloth banners that you drape across and they are meant to be reused for years.  I'm seeing a lot online.  I would like to make at least one for each holiday and of course a bright and cheery birthday one, anniversary one, maybe even one for no special occassion...just to hang?