Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday Son!

I know every mom feels this way, but I do believe God blessed me with the best son in the whole wide world.  Today Matthew is 18 years young, he's healthy, strong, handsome, and most important of all a born again Christian. He's talented, funny, smart, honest, and respectful.  He's a son to be proud of and his dad and I could not be more proud!
I would just like to know where those 18 years went.  Part of me wants to go back, way back.  I want to relive  the good and the bad.  I want to go way back to February 23, 1994, 3:54pm or just before!  Just before when we were excited because he was just about to be born any minute now!  I want to go back and relive his toddler years, all the "firsts" of growing, his elementary school years, and all the birthday parties of his youth.  But I know that's not life.  Life moves forward and at it's own speed.  Every second, minute, hour, milestone, and event must be cherished.  And there's still so much to look forward to.  We're excited for him and his future. This child of mine has always been in my prayers.  This child of mine will always be in my prayers, and this child of mine will FOREVER be my baby boy!  His dad and I will always be his strongest supporters, his loudest applauders, his greatest prayer warriors, and his soft place to fall when he needs it.


                      Happy 18th Birthday Matthew Jones.

Years ago when I was oh so young and not even a mother yet, one of my co-workers received a wonderful book from a friend. This co-worker's son had just graduated high school and this book was quite popular at the time. When she showed it to all of us I don't think there was a dry eye in the office. We all wanted a copy and at the time I remember we had to special order it from a small book store in town. If you've read the book, you know why I am including it in this posting. Great story for mothers and sons.

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, 
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.                          

Friday, February 17, 2012

WHAT? Did you say you like Bluegrass?

What?  You like Bluegrass music?  You like to listen to banjos, mandolins, fiddles, guitars, and a big ole' upright bass?  Well so do I!  Here's a short video of my favorite banjo picker Matthew  picking with DEEPSOUTH.  They play at a local restaurant in town every Thursday night and decided to film a little after the restaurant closed the other night. 

That's my boy!  He was raised on fried chicken, butter beans, squash, turnip greens, and fried cornbread.  He knows as much about raising chickens and guineas as he knows about almost anything.  

ENJOY and have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love and Joy Everyday

Did you have a lovely Valentine's Day? I hope you did and I hope and pray everyone everywhere is constantly surrounded by love and affection from special people. Of course I hope and pray that you also show love and affection to others.

Several weeks ago I made reservations at our closest P F Chang's Rest, which is quite a few miles away. Wayne took the whole day off Tuesday and we drove over earlier than we planned since it was raining. We managed to get in a little shopping (more looking than shopping) and actually arrived at the restaurant about twenty minutes early. They said thank you for coming early because we are fixing to get very busy.

It worked out perfect for us since I had not requested a booth (their booths are the best) and we were able to get one. If we had arrived at five, I'm sure we would not have gotten a cozy booth. And of course the food was yummy, it always is.

We both love Bass Pro Shops so we took advantage of being right there at it. Our big purchases were a couple of bags of snacks, but I got a great idea when I was looking at the smokers and cookout supplies. I'll work on it and show you later.
HINT: When my mom and I were shopping after her doctor appointment yesterday, I found the large easel for my new project.

We got these BIG TEX HOT n SPICY jelly beans. We had fun eating a few after supper on the way home. Late Tuesday night when Matthew also got home he almost screamed when he ate one.

FUNNY! They are hot folks! I can eat a handful of Hot Tamales at one time, but these mamas are huge in size and cinnamon heat!

So with Valentine's Day 2012 behind us, we can all start looking forward to spring and the many project we all have rolling around in our heads. I'm headed out to work this morning and since it's supposed to rain for the next few days I'm glad I'll be at work. Then next week when I'm off I can hopefully enjoy the outdoors. I have a doctor appointment next Wednesday for myself, but Sunday thru Tuesday I can pack as much spring cleaning and decorating in as possible!

Have a lovely day!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come On Pretty Weather and Let The Projects Begin!

So here we go again!

It wouldn't be spring around Lillie Mae Acres without a project or two going on. We're already gathering up the supplies, and of course I'm adding to the list of wants. The list never ends you know!

Our weather has been so warm all through January and now it's turned cool again so some of the projects have to wait a little replacing the windows with french doors in the master and gutting the bathroom. Don't want the cold air blowing in.

We've already started on the first major project. My two favorite guys are already on the first steps of closing in the back porch creating the mudroom making both the mudroom and laundry room full additions to our little brown farmhouse. I've already got interior decorating fever. But I know stress is just around the corner when it's my turn to start picking out the flooring and lighting. I don't do too good at that because all of the choices confuse me. Too many choices. Instead of using sheet rock, the walls will be wood so at least I don't have to go through the painful ordeal of choosing a paint color.

Yuck, I sound like a whiner! I'll stop now.

I've missed my blog. I've missed your blogs. I've missed my laptop. This ole thing was in and out of the shop for the past several weeks and I think it's finally back as near to itself as it'll ever be. I've never had to go through the ordeal of having a new hard drive put in and everything reprogrammed, NEVER want to again either. It's been a nightmare.

Still loving my part time job, but also still loving my home sweet home relaxing and family days.

So come on pretty weather and let the projects begin.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hey There ... Go Away Writer's Block!

HELP! Writer's Block and a broken laptop for over a week! But I've been enjoying reading yours with coffee and a snack, plus I'm enjoying the beautiful spring like weather we've been having around Lillie Mae Acres.
I've been outside a lot, getting things spruced up. I just read where it's official, January 2012 goes down in history as the warmest on record.
Have a blessed week!