Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, December 28, 2012


Freshness is what the new year brings. I know we have several months of C*O*L*D weather ahead of us but I am looking forward to a beautiful fresh new year with fresh new blessings, love, and joy all around me. 

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and we're planning a very relaxing New Year celebration, nothing really planned.  Our weather keeps flopping back and forth from very warm to very cold.  I personally like the in between.  And yes, this ole' girl has spring fever really really bad.  I always do this time of year.

Here's the gang, ganged up over in my mom's little home sweet home on Christmas evening. 

And this is not all of us.  Sadly there's too many special family members missing in these pictures,
but there's always next year! 
This is probably it folks.  The last post until next year.  Have a wonderful weekend and please be safe in your travels, celebrations, etc.  So much fun and joy can be found safely. 


  1. What a wonderful family picture.......Happy New Year my friend, keep cozy, Francine.

  2. Spring fever so bad here that we gave each other seeds for Christmas and still perusing the catalogs for more. Happy New Year from South Georgia.

  3. What a beautiful family photo! Blessed, for sure!!

    This former Southern Belle is so ready for Spring!!! I'm not used to 21 deg. temps!! Thank goodness for thick socks and sweats! Oh so fashionable, lol!

    Happy New Year My Sweet Friend.
    God Bless,


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