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Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little By Little

Little by little our farmhouse is getting all prettied up for Christmas.  This is a beautiful time of year and we cherish it's meaning, festive decorations everywhere, along with fellowship and food.

My constant attention has been on Rufus, and it's paying off.  He's doing so good. Between him and my working again I'm not as quick to get things done around here as years past.  Builder Man (that sweet hubby) and I did manage to can a lot of tomatoes last night.  Hopefully we can get the rest canned tonight when I get home.   

A few months ago I decided that I would simplify this years Christmas decorating and try my best to give everything a more prim look by using less lights.  I have so many plastic tubs in the shed filled to the brim with decorations that I have collected through the years but I just want a few things sitting around instead of trying to do a lot.

I think I'm finally happy with the fireplace.  I'm happy with the mudroom, and the big family tree is up.

 These are pictures of the mudroom.  You see that blank wall above the lamp?  Builder Man is going to redo an old window out of my grandmother's house with mirrors to hang there.  I put a small tree out here in a hunting theme for my two favorite guys and all the other guys in the family that love to hunt.  I thought it would be a nice welcome since everyone enters our home throught the mudroom.  For the past several years I've collected a few antler ornaments and decided to put them all on one tree instead of throughout the large family tree. 

 I guess I need to decorate the laundry room a little since it's open doorway is in the mudroom as you can see in the left of the picture below.  I'll have to give that some thought.  I've been enjoying Christmas music on hubby's Crosley.  I got him that for Christmas last year and we have enjoyed it so much.     

I didn't put any type of light on the mantel or hearth.  I don't know if we'll have "fireplace weather" until after Christmas so I went ahead and did what I wanted to do and can just remove stuff if we want or need a fire.   
 This is our large family tree.  I hate that this corner is so congested and may move the chair.  But where?  My living room is very narrow so I'm very limited but it always works in the end. 

My mom found my buffalo check material that I had been looking for out of town.  I just simply made slip covers for the living room pillows that can be removed after winter and I love them!  I had been looking everywhere for this fabric and she actually found fleece throws for me to cut and use. 

 I've always loved burlap.  I'm so glad that it's popular and "in style" right now because it makes it a lot easier to find.  I found this beautiful burlap wired ribbon at Hobby Lobby and knew instantly that it was going on our tree somehow. 
Well, thanks again for stopping by Lillie Mae Acres.  You never know what we're up to around here.  We have so many unfinished building and remodeling projects going on but we just tip toe around the mess and enjoy a relaxed life. 


  1. Oh Lilie Mae eveything looks beautiful. I havae decided to do less decorating this year also. I have downsized so much.. do not have room for my "BIG" tree so settled for a thinner tall one.... Pray your Thanksgiving is blest...blessings!

  2. Such warmth and cosiness! We keep "simple" in all that we do anymore it seems. It is so much more relaxing as we cherish those precious moments with family and friends! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri


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