Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Disasters & Some Cleaning

Well three mornings of disasters causes a lady to clean.  I'm almost ashamed to write this post.  Should I be?  Honestly folks, my kitchen is CLEAN! 

Morning number one, Friday.  I fed my son bugs for breakfast.  He started eating and quickly noticed them.  It was Honey Bunches of Oats, the same box that he had ate out of Thursday morning.  He said he was 100% sure he would have noticed weevils, flour beetles, whatever you call them if they were there Thursday.  I'm sure he would have also.  This resulted in the top shelf of the main pantry to get a good look over and cleaning.   

Skip ahead to Sunday morning.  Morning number two of disaster.  No frozen biscuits!  Yes I know, I could have made them from scratch but I didn't feel like it and the tomato sausage gravy was already cooking.  BUT, just think about it.  If I had took the time to make them from scratch I would have probably discovered disaster number three before today!  But by plundering through two freezers Sunday morning because I KNEW I had frozen biscuits, I cleaned out both freezers.  And sweet Builder Man put his clothes on and drove all the way to the closest grocery store for biscuits.

Morning number three, today!  Who needs this on a Monday!  I was looking for the brown coffee filters that I knew were back there somewhere.  What do I see?  What has hatched and living in my brand new bags of flour, meal, and I guess the sugar ( I tossed it without even opening)!!!! Creepy crawly weevils! I'm itching just writing about it.  I swear the black pepper moved while ago when I was preparing supper.  Everything is moving now!  I'll probably have a nightmare tonight.  But, that cabinet is cleaned up I will keep a closer eye on it.  For now on, all new bags go straight to the freezer!

Now I need to go grocery shopping again!

I promise, I will do my best to never let this happen again.  It's bad enough that we know we are bringing these nasty littly eggs home with us from the grocery store. 


  1. Oh don't blame yourself sweetie pie ~ it can happen to anyone ! I keep my flour in the freezer because I don't use it that much. And come to think of it, I probably should be cleaning out my cabinets too !! Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Ew, ew, ew! Every time I find something crawling in anything in the kitchen I freak out and wonder how much is affected. But I'm like you and it looks like everything is moving, lol. And yes, everything gets a good cleaning whether there is time for it or not. Ugh. But isn't it nice to have a clean, clean kitchen? =]


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