Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Tart

I've always called this delicious sweet baby girl my pink little cuppycake. 

Oh but she has another delicious little nickname now.

One that fits her big wonderful 2 1/2 year old personality.
She's a Sweet Tart!

You know, one of the big soft chewy ones that taste so good!  Sweet to begin with then gets a little tart, then sweet again, then tart again, etc.  That's my Lily!

On the way to town yesterday, I gave her a baby wipe to wipe tire smudge off her cute little chubby fingers.  She had touched the tire when we were trying to get loaded up.  She kept it to hold, that was fine with me. Of course I had no idea she would shred it into confetti.  Confetti that a piece of ended up in her nose.  I'm glad she sneezed it out because when she told me it was up there, I couldn't see anything.  I told her it probably burned because she wiped her nose with it.  She knew though, she knew she had stuck that piece of confetti up her nose!  Oh boy! 

About the same time, she had strings of gum (she promised not to take it out of her mouth and yes I believed her) between wet chubby fingers.  I saved the day, her hair, and my truck.  Whew!   

We made it to town, had a pleasant shopping trip until the very end. She was begging to get out, tired, sleepy, past ready for a nap.  A RUDE yes rude older couple practically ran and jumped in line ahead of me to check out.  There are just some people that I can't have patience for and it's mostly selfish people.  I know they knew she needed to get a nap and that they heard me trying to please her.  I was literally ahead of them and SWOOP they jumped ahead.  I hope they got home ok because I bet he drives like that too.  Slow, fast, slow, fast!  You know the ones!

She gave in almost as soon as I buckled her in!    

What a little pink cuppycake sweet tart!


  1. What a sweetie!! I am not so fond of THOSE types of folks either.


  2. Oh my goodness, I can just imagine cuppycake all sticky from gum & sprinkles up her nose...but I bet Aunt Niecey wouldn't trade one single minute of it would she ? Have fun with your lil sweettart !! ♥


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