Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Have a Good 4th

Have a blessed and happy Fourth of July!


This morning here around Lillie Mae Acres it is foggy.  Very foggy.  It always worries me when loved ones are having to drive in fog and bad weather.  I can't count the times I told Matt to please drive careful this morning because of the fog.  I was getting those looks, you know the ones from your "grown" child as you show that you are overly concerned for their well being.  I know God will take care of him and that brings peace.  In a few minutes, I'll be saying the same things to Wayne.  Only he'll reply each time in a kind way, not the "eyes".  I do love these two, they are my two favorite guys in the whole world and I thank God for them. 

So, are you into the big wooden letters yet?  I just love them and created this grouping a while back in the living room.  I'm thinking about some more ideas for letters.  There are so many ideas floating around online. 

Today will be house cleaning around here in between showing little Miss Lily a lot of attention and love.  Her and I need to get this ole' farmhouse ready for a small family gathering tomorrow.  We almost didn't get her out of the pool last night.  She's still asleep right now, exhausted little thing!  I can hardly wait until we show her the new babies hatching in the incubator.  So far two little itty bitty keets have hatched.  Wayne had to rescue one of our guineas that was sitting almost under the hey roll.  Crazy girl!  The hay roll was going to colapse on her to he faught her off the nest and rescued the eggs. 

I sure hope everyone has a wonderful safe July 4th.  It's so natural to include God in all of our celebrations and everyday life.  He is such a giver of happiness, wisdom, love, and protection.  We need Him in our personal lives and we need Him to heal and guide our wonderful country.  Please don't leave Him out. 

Thank you for stopping by, come see me again real soon.


  1. Lovely post! Enjoy your celebration with your family and your time with Miss L.

    LOVE big letters :)

    Happy 4th!


  2. Hi Lillie Mae, Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy July 4th,enjoy your family gathering. Blessings Francine.


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