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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bathroom Under Construction

UPDATE on 08/03/12: No owls! I've changed my mind. UGH, believe it or not decorating new spaces causes me so much stress!

I've been so busy this summer, it seems like I can't just sit down with a cup of coffee and blog. But little Lily is worth every second I spend with her and she'll be going home soon.

We decided it's either start and finish the bathroom addition and remodel now or wait until next spring. The bathroom is now under construction. I know what ya'll are thinking. Lillie Mae Acres is always under construction. That's the truth and it keeps us going.

The bathroom is going to be beautiful, yet plain. I am so tired of themes and color in there so it will be dark stones and tiles, bronze fixtures, and an old looking copper sink that is partially recessed/vessel. That's simple enough, browns and whites.

I do have these two precious little owl figurines that I would kind of like on a shelf.

(Ignore the eagle, he won't be in there)

They are tiny and both were picked up on one of our Smoky Mtns weekends. Then I thought of a larger owl. Maybe an owl statue in one corner on the floor. I know a flea market where they sale cement outdoor sculptures. I could probably get a nice size owl and stain it all one color of brushed bronze/brown. Not too big, maybe 2 feet tall at the most?

While thinking of owls of all things, I remembered why I am even thinking of owls. My friend Jackie of shared with me that her grandfather created a huge owl statue in their hometown for the elementary school. I don't remember her sharing this on her blog but you will enjoy the beautiful pictures she does post.

This is new to me because I've just never paid attention to owls but all of a sudden I want just these three mentioned in my new bathroom. Hmmm?

These would be pretty if they aren't too big.

Then there's the big I really want eyes looking at me in the bathroom?

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