Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Summer Guest

A special day is coming up. More like a special summer.  Starting this weekend when my mom and step dad hit the road to go get a special little pink princess cuppycake named Lily.  That's right!  She's coming to spend the summer with her southern rooted family members.  She's been gone a whole year, and in that year she's done a lot of growing.  She's only 2 1/2 years old now and so different than when she moved away. 

To her, Mema and Aunt Necie (that's me) are voices on the phone, two people that love her and send her packages.  We were supposed to Skype a lot but just as we started it became impossible because they moved into their own home and lost the ability, connection, or something. Long story short, she may not remember a lot when she first gets here but we plan to make this summer a memorable one for her to never forget.  And we hope to be able to get her a couple times each year for now on.

Her Uncle Wayne can hardly wait to put her in the pool and play with her in the evenings while something yummy is cooking on the grill.  I can hardly wait to just squeeze, smell, kiss, and enjoy her and whatever she wants to do...bake cookies, play loud music, dance, and whatever we feel like!

My mom and I can hardly wait to dress her in pretty dresses and take her to church.  We can hardly wait to dress her in comfortable play clothes and let her romp, enjoying the country air and grass under her witty bitty chubby toes.  My mom wants to teach her to ride a bright shiny red tricycle and help water the flowers. 

These next two days off are the last chance I have to get our home in order and prepared for her to get here this weekend.  She'll spend time between a few of our homes so we want each one to be child safe and ready.  Can you tell we're excited?  I've already told her mommy that she'll probably have to take Lily to de-spoiling counseling sessions when she gets her back.   



  1. Someone contacted me and told me they could not leave a comment. I'm trying to figure out why. ???

  2. Denise -- ENJOY your Lily time -- how special for you all :)


  3. Hello, wishing you great times with that little Angel, so wonderful for you. She is soooo sweet. Blessings Francine.

  4. I know you're counting down the minutes til she gets here !! I'm sure Lily will love it & have fond memories of her time spent with you !!! Enjoy ♥


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