Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Settled In

We are settled in and making full use of the mud room.  It's like it's always been here and it's such a nice transition into the house.  It gets heavy traffic but we knew it would since we never use our front door.

It's so funny how us wives "allow" our hubbies to have a little area rather than the whole house.  In my creative head one corner of the mud was going to be so eye pleasing with the Crosley sitting on my grandmother's painted RCA cabinet.  What I didn't picture was the clutter of the blank CDs and DVDs as well as stacks of music sitting around.  Actually the cabinet is there to hold all of this but he doesn't put the clutter neatly away like my plans were for him to do.  The copier sitting by the Crosley was supposed to go inside the cabinet as well. Husbands!  We sure love them but they are messy little boys, aren't they?

I finally got around to making the pillow for the unused end of the beach wood boot bench Wayne made.  We love and use the bench and cedar coat rack that he also made so much.  Wayne has still got to put mirror into an old window from my grandmother's home to hang above the lamp.  I love using old windows for decoration.

Yes, it's a very useful room!  Couldn't live without it now!


  1. Your mud room is so cute & of course I love the pink crocs too !! lol
    For some reason, men can turn anything into a mess !!

  2. Hello Lillie Mae, love the mud room, so nice to have one. Blessings Francine.


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