Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes with my Cuppycake

Have you seen this at the store?  Oh my goodness gracious, the second I seen it I grabbed it.  I knew my little pink cuppycake Lily would love to help make and eat some Pink Lemonade cupcakes.

 This morning Lily slept in because our plans for today were to just stay home sweet home until her Mema came to get her. I went ahead and did most of my housework before she woke up. After her breakfast, we made them.

We got everything out and used the pretty red and white liners Lily picked out yesterday. 

We used the BIG mixer. The loud one that she told me not to scare her with. It turned out that she wasn't scared of a silly mixer at all!

The three eggs we used were gathered by Lily herself yesterday evening and we have healthy clean chickens.  So of course she got to lick the beaters like I did as a kid.  I know these days kids aren't supposed to.  Oh well!

After they came out of the oven, we went outside to play while they cooled.  It's a beautiful day and the big purple ball needed bouncing, the cement needed some colorful chalk pictures on it, the tricycle needed riding, and the dirt needed to be played in with her shovels and toys.

We both decided we could frost and eat cupcakes before lunch if we wanted to.  In fact, that could be our lunch if we wanted it to. 

 Left handed Lily spreading that yummy frosting.  Doing a whole lot of licking as she went.  There was a whole lot of licking going on too!


We went to the mall and did other shopping yesterday.  Lily enjoyed herself after lunch at our local mall playground and was more than ready for bedtime last night.  Can you tell that this little stinker has me wrapped around her finger?


  1. She's just too cute!!! A mini Lillie-Mae in training, lol, and those cupcakes sound so delicious:P

  2. Hello, what a sweet little baker,cute pictures. I sure would like to try one,tee hee. Enjoy,Blessings Francinbe.


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