Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Hanging Out & Enjoying Summer So Far

Just simply enjoying the summer.  Tropical Storm Debbie was just a small threat to us, we got a lot of much needed rain and some high winds.
I'm so glad my mom met Colliar (Lily's baby brother) for the first time, held him, cuddled him, and enjoyed his sweetness.

We're pretty busy around here with Lily and trying to make the most of her time with us. We're trying to make sure every minute counts. She's still enjoying herself bouncing between my mom and me.

 What's a hot summer in Florida without splashing in the pool and taking a break to eat?  She's having so much fun.

We had purchased her an inflatable life vest and the inflatable arm swimmies but neither were enjoyable for her.  A nice lady on the swim toy isle at Target told me to get her a Puddle Jumper. PERFECT!  She doesn't flip forward, she doesn't sink. 

I hope everyone's summer has gotten kicked off to a great start. 


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  1. What a cutie she is and glad everyone is having so much fun!!!! Enjoy the rest of your visit with her:)


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