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Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, May 18, 2012

Something I Really Am Liking

Hey there.  I just want to share with you something I'm really liking these days.  Things are simple here on Lillie Mae Acres, not a lot of outside traffic so I just take every minute and situation and try to enjoy it.

I try to keep life creative, interesting, and personal.  I never want to be so busy that I stop doing special little personal things for my two favorite guys.  Here's a little something that I made with Wayne's help and I enjoyed making it with him as much as I enjoy using it.

Just a simple way to leave little messages for the family.

I got this idea back at Christmas time while shopping in a Bass Pro Shop.  Over in the camping and outdoor cooking department, they had signs made out of just pieces of wood telling you what was down each isle.  Well, a light went off in my head!  I wanted to have a similar sign for the patio/grilling area.  I didn't want mine to say something permanently so instead of wood burning something on it, I decided to use chalkboard paint.

The message on it in the above picture was for Wayne.  I wanted him to read a note on the washing machine and to start the laundry if he got home before me...but he didn't.  It's a handy way to leave such notes though.  

I change it almost every morning.  The above picture shows this morning's note.  My two favorite guys headed out early to an out of town appointment and I wanted them to see this when they got home because I'd already be at work.  

The other day when my good friend Dawn was coming for coffee, I wrote on it a message for her.  It's just inside the back door on the mud room floor but I will also be using it out by the grill when we have cookouts.  I can post the menu, a festive greeting, anything I want.  It's just a little something I'm having a lot of fun with.

You may want to make one for your home:  Of course the easel is a large metal one that I purchased.  I decided what size I wanted Wayne to cut each of the two message boards out of scrap wood.  Then I explained that I wanted him to connect them with two pieces of wood but that I wanted those pieces to show.  I like the rugged look of it.  I taped the edges with painters tape and I think each board has about four coats of chalkboard spray paint.  Let it dry in between each spray coat.  I already had plenty of chalk and an eraser.  That's it!  If you make one I hope you enjoy it.  

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