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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, May 7, 2012

Promise, Last Laundry Post

Sorry sweet readers and followers, this is yet another post about the laundry room, but I promise it's the last.  Well maybe.  I've been enjoying washing and drying clothes and now we've almost got the back porch prettied back up for summer.  The mudroom is not 100% finished so no major update on it yet.

Come on in to the laundry room here on Lillie Mae Acres, and see why I'm so excited to do laundry now.

You enter through the mudroom.  I came home to my new washer and dryer Friday night.  I was so excited. 

We also have a second fridge in there, and we couldn't live without it.  

After much research on top loading HE washers, we decided that we wanted to stay with the traditional  style.  It's a little "brainy" so I did have to read the instructions before using just to make sure I wouldn't do anything wrong. 

Unfortunately, I do have that one corner that I just can't do anything about.  I guess everyone has corners like this that the stuff just has to be there.  Above is my corner.  Ugh!  A large stack of pool towels and spare swim trunks, bird seed, dirty clothes, etc.  Oh well...

Here's one little bitty corner of the mudroom that I'm happy with.  Although; I'll be much happier when we remove the old door and re-frame the original entrance into the living room.  The open doorway will look just like the entrance into my laundry room in the first picture.    


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  1. OHhhhh I just LOVE it!!!!!!! Such pretty, calming colors and everything neat as a pin! I use my laundry room as a craft room too and I SO need to come up with something else so I can have a pretty and tidy room again!!! Enjoy it!


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