Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, April 15, 2012

MUD ROOM update!

Sneak peak into what will soon be finished!  What will soon be the new entrance, the doorway that I'll open and say "hey there, come on in", entering into the new mud room and laundry room redo.  Here's a couple of pictures.

The door will be painted a beautiful olive green color!  We hung the iron cow "doorbell" this afternoon.  It just needs a rope.  The cypress will turn and be the same color as the chimney and rest of the house in a short while.  Hmmm, something has to be done about the Direct TV cable I see hanging.  
Very old solid brass wall sconce that is now oxidized. We love it! Wayne hung it this afternoon.  It'll be kind of like a dim nightlight effect instead of always using the overhead in the mudroom.    
The other back door, leading out to the porch and pool area. It will also be painted the olive green color.  And of course the walls are not finished yet, just primed and caulked.  
Textured ceramic tile, we also have a darker color going down in the center of the room.  It's all sitting around in boxes, just waiting to be put down.  The tile man a.k.a. friend (former friend, LOL) never called back!  It seems like he'd like to make some extra money, but I guess he doesn't need it. 
And this beautiful wood! It's the future boot bench and is going to look great! That white plastic outlet cover is driving me nuts. I've got to find a wooden one this week!  And I have to try to find an overhead light or ceiling fan. And we have to discuss door knobs.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

That's it for now folks.  Hopefully once the tile is down, the rest of the room will come together a lot faster than it seems like it's been going.  I do love that hard working hubby of mine and we are so blessed that God has given him so many talents in woodworking, building, and that we both love the same things. 

On another note, last year I found what I thought I wanted for an outdoor chandelier.  It's a small one that is non electric and holds about six citronella candles.  I'm not happy!  I want a real outdoor chandelier, something larger and electrical. So I guess I'll have to try to find one of those too.  The reason I've changed my mind is that the citronella votive candles don't keep bugs away and they are hard to light.  Just letting you know so you won't make the same mistake I did.    

Have a blessed evening and week! 


  1. it's lookin' GOOD!I love the tile you picked! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. The new entrance looks great Denise & I can't wait to see your mud room when it's all finished ! You have so many wonderful plans for it !! It's too bad that I live so far away from you because my hubby is a Tile Installer !! He could do your tile work & you and I would have so much fun together !! It's too bad we couldn't take a vacation right now to Lillie Mae Acres !

  3. I would never have thought about the citronella candles... thanks for the warning!


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