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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Addition to the Family

Good beautiful spring morning to all of you!  I'm looking forward to a wonderful day and week.  We had a very good weekend, beautiful weather, and we got so much done around here.

We have a new addition to the family.  No, it's not a dog, cat, chicken, horse, or pig.  It's certainly not a baby!  We've got our "baby" grown and that's that about that subject! It's a big shiny black 4x4 truck!  Not for me or Wayne, this is Matt's.  

Wayne and I are so excited for him.  He finally found the truck he wanted, a beautiful black Ford F-150.  I finally have my Armada back 100%!  Now this mama is thinking that sharing wasn't so bad.  After all, I did get to see Matthew a lot that way.  He really deserves this!  He's worked real hard his whole life and is a great young man.  We are so proud of him.


He originally had his heart set on a really nice white one but the Carfax came back pretty bad. He has a good head on his shoulders, and we had prayed for God to stop any bad deals from going through. I was so proud of him for walking away from that with a mature attitude, knowing God would continue to guide him towards the right truck. He called me later to tell me he found another one and him and his dad were very happy with it. The Carfax was clean it was a one owner. Great! I called our insurance agent and didn't receive too bad of an increase estimate, so that was that.

I really don't pay attention to vehicles and who drives what, so I had no idea that these F-150s are so hard to find in great condition with a clean Carfax report.  We found out they are very popular in the construction industry so most of them take a beating.  Never underestimate God folks.  He'll find you just what you need and what He knows is right for you.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to be able to report a finished mud room soon.  Poor Wayne has been a little under the weather with allergies so that has slowed him down a little.  Hopefully all of this spring pollen is on it's way out of here!  We've had a little rain that helped wash some of it away.  


  1. That is a gorgeous truck! Congrats to him and I'm sure he will enjoy it for many years:)Can't wait to see the finished mud room;)

  2. Wow, what a nice truck Matt has & I'm so happy for him ! I see that the back seat can hold some banjos too !!
    You have raised a very nice young man there, but then again, he has some very nice parents : ) ♥

  3. We're Ford folks at our place. My husband drives a Ford F-250. I have driven a Ford Explorer for 10 years and put almost 175,000 miles on it. With gas prices being what they are we decided it was time to get something a little easier on fuel so we bought an Edge (and we're averaging 30mpg on the highway). Today my husband sold the Explorer to a young man who was tickled to death to find one in such good condition. He had his mechanic look it over and was told it would be hard to find one like it that had been taken care of like ours was.

  4. Awesome! Matthew looks like a very proud owner! =] Praise God for walking Him through the whole process and for Matthew being open to what God had in store for him... that is definitely maturity!

    Have a blessed week, my sweet friend~


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