Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Enjoying April

I was driving into the city yesterday, listening to some good music on my favorite radio station,  That's right, I'm a huge Jimmy Swaggart fan!  I feel so blessed to be able to pick it up once I'm out of the thick wooded areas and out on the highway.  My two favorite guys are die hard Bluegrass fans, including of course a lot of Bluegrass Gospel so when I'm alone in my truck I can really enjoy my Southern Gospel.  When I'm not alone, usually there's a Bluegrass Gospel CD playing or nothing at all so we can talk.  I love having alone time to sing along with the music, listen to the preaching and teaching, and pray.  So yesterday was one of those days.  Even when I got to town and was in and out from store to store, I caught some great music and preaching.  On the way home, Donnie Swaggart preached on restoration.  God is a mighty God and He can and will restore what the devil has took from you.  He's bigger than your biggest problem and He's bigger than America's biggest problem.

The building projects here on Lillie Mae Acres are coming right along.  The tile is down in both rooms and looks beautiful.  Wayne has made all the cedar trim work and I'm pretty sure that's the next step.  I had been planning to decorate the laundry room with red gingham touches to blend in with the kitchen, but no more!  I happened upon this blog and changed my mind.  I've already ordered this fabric from Heather Bailey, her Nicey Jane collection.  Take a look at this blog, I think you'll enjoy it. I'm now following her.

My sister and mom both sew, they are going to make my ironing board cover and I will have enough fabric left to recover my lampshade and line a few baskets.  I can hardly wait and you know Lillie Mae will break out that camera and do a whole new post when it's done!

Matthew has been pretty busy picking, of course it's that time of year. April and October are both Bluegrass Festival months throughout America every year.  Wayne and Matthew try to catch anything within driving distance in April.    

 My sweet hubby loves Rhonda Vincent and I'm so glad he took some time off to go enjoy her and her band  over the weekend.  

Rhonda's PINK guitar case. 

Matthew is also a huge Rhonda Vincent fan.  She signed Matt's banjo for him.   
Deepsouth Bluegrass (Matt's band) actually played on the same stage over the weekend also.

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