Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wishes into Reality

Here we are, here on Lillie Mae Acres with change going on as usual. Honestly folks, our home has never been  finished so all of this that looks like remodeling is only finalizing. Does that make since?

We've been tossing around the idea of closing in the old back porch for years to create a mud room. We're finally doing it.  Here's the soon to be new back door.  I'll take a picture from the other side too, there will be another back door leading out to the new large covered porch that we built last year around the pool.  

I just hung this huge barn star with barbed wire wrapped around it. It's from Hobby Lobby so it's decorative only.  I regret only getting one so I need to get another one when they are back on sale for the opposite side of the house.

I've been cleaning and decorating today.  I think I like what I put on the dry sink Our weather is just    

beautiful.  I've been in and out all day, but also trying to organize my pictures so I can get back into scrapping.  Unless it's all organized, I just can't sit down and scrapbook. 

My two favorite guys have also been rebuilding the chicken pens.  This hasn't made Shadow very happy, she doesn't seem to like them so close to her stable.  She's just spoiled and doesn't want to share "her" area with them.  Too bad because they're doing a great job and it's all looking nice down there.  I'll take pictures soon. 

My Amaryllis are blooming.  I have several different colors and this is the first to bloom this year.    


  1. Oh how wonderful that you're getting your mud room added on too Denise ! Those guys of yours are hard workers !
    I love the way you decorated your dry sink : ) Your amaryllis is so pretty, I can't wait til flowers bloom here in Illinois !
    Enjoy your evening at Lillie Mae Acres ♥

  2. Looks like springtime and I love it!!!! Love the star too:)

  3. You're going to love having that mud room with the pool right there.

    I love your display on the dry sink, the jars and old enamelware are perfect for it, especially that pump!

    Oh girl, I'm with you on the scrapbooking and organized pictures. Mine have to be in chronological order before I can even begin. If I go to a crop but I don't have pictures in order, then I'll take the pictures to sort. Gotta have order in my pictures, lol!

    Your Amaryllis is beautiful! I'm ready to see more flowers around here. =] Have a fantastic weekend~


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