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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let the Spring Projects Proceed...We started them before today!

Spring sprung way before today here on our little farm.  It's been way too pretty outside to be inside.  We started new building projects here on Lillie Mae Acres weeks ago, and ticking away at that honey-do list.  The chickens have a new condominium, the guineas' condo is in the works, and that long awaited mud room is being built.  It's in the middle stages right now.  The walls are up yet unstained, ceiling is up with the first coat of paint, and that's about it so far. We're not sure what flooring we want and we have to pick out two light fixtures.

I've just finished two small projects that I'm in love with.  One indoor, one outdoor.

I created a grouping using two wonderful pictures showing Matt playing his two different banjos.  I fell in love with these re-purposed barn wood frames at Hobby Lobby so when they went on sale for 50% off I made sure I was there.  I actually got the last of both sizes.  The large one is an 11x14 matted with a matte that looks like wood and the smaller one is 8x10 matted.  Wayne and I both had a hand in making the cedar sign with a favorite scripture verse on it.  One day this mustard wall will be a wood wall and I actually think the grouping will look better then.  We are not fans of sheet rock no matter what color it's painted!.    

 The above milk can is so old.  It's been almost every color you can think of through the years.  Just last summer it was a beautiful bright popping red on the new back porch.  This spring/summer, it's bright clean white.  I saw one painted like this on Pinterest and new what I had to do!  The small letters above the numbers are (No) for number.  It just looks so simple.  Kind of Amishy!  Do ya'll like that new word I just created?  I plan to do something similar to the mailbox.
 Everything is coming up green and blooming here.  I just love this time of year.

 I guess I'll leave the fireplace hearth like this for a while.  I haven't been able to get that look, that perfect look.  The one that's in my head!

 I just love metal barn stars.  I have them hanging in several different places inside and out.  I'm thinking about getting another one just like this for the opposite side of the house.

That's that sweet hubby of mine below.  Him and Matthew both have always made pets out of every creature.  These are just a few (yes just a few) of their chicken and guineas.  He whistles and they come running.  This time he did have a bucket of feed, but most of the time he whistles, they come running then he wades through them walking down to the barn to get the feed. Kinda funny! 

I hope you're enjoying your first day of spring.  I think it should be a national holiday.  I think the nice ladies at the bank should be off today, I think nurses, doctors, students, and husbands should all be off today and doing something fun and wonderful outside.  


  1. I love your *Amishy* milk can and love the new word;) What a sweet wall gathering showcasing your special son, love it! Sure looks like spring there and here in PA the temps have been in the low 70's for most of the past week, UNHEARD of for so early in the season but I'm not gonna complain:D

  2. I agree, the first day if Spring should be a holiday - it was just to beautiful today to be inside. Love your completed projects. How neat that your hubby has made friends with the chickens.
    Have a blessed spring,

  3. Oh I love how you framed the pictures of Matt's banjos & the sign underneath it ~ special memories !!
    Your milk can looks sweet & all the cozy touches you've put into Lillie Mae Acres ! You can tell it's a home full of LOVE & DEDICATION !!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us Denise ♥

  4. Denise, I love the vignette of Matt's banjo picking with the sign! You did an awesome job, love those pictures too!

    Great idea for your milk can, love it white with the numbers! Your new mud room is looking great already! I know you are going to have lots of fun decorating it, hehe. I'm sure it's already decorated in your mind. =]

    That's a cute picture of Wayne surrounded by the chickens and guineas. I'm surprised they're not attacking him being so close to the ground with food, hehe!


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