Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love and Joy Everyday

Did you have a lovely Valentine's Day? I hope you did and I hope and pray everyone everywhere is constantly surrounded by love and affection from special people. Of course I hope and pray that you also show love and affection to others.

Several weeks ago I made reservations at our closest P F Chang's Rest, which is quite a few miles away. Wayne took the whole day off Tuesday and we drove over earlier than we planned since it was raining. We managed to get in a little shopping (more looking than shopping) and actually arrived at the restaurant about twenty minutes early. They said thank you for coming early because we are fixing to get very busy.

It worked out perfect for us since I had not requested a booth (their booths are the best) and we were able to get one. If we had arrived at five, I'm sure we would not have gotten a cozy booth. And of course the food was yummy, it always is.

We both love Bass Pro Shops so we took advantage of being right there at it. Our big purchases were a couple of bags of snacks, but I got a great idea when I was looking at the smokers and cookout supplies. I'll work on it and show you later.
HINT: When my mom and I were shopping after her doctor appointment yesterday, I found the large easel for my new project.

We got these BIG TEX HOT n SPICY jelly beans. We had fun eating a few after supper on the way home. Late Tuesday night when Matthew also got home he almost screamed when he ate one.

FUNNY! They are hot folks! I can eat a handful of Hot Tamales at one time, but these mamas are huge in size and cinnamon heat!

So with Valentine's Day 2012 behind us, we can all start looking forward to spring and the many project we all have rolling around in our heads. I'm headed out to work this morning and since it's supposed to rain for the next few days I'm glad I'll be at work. Then next week when I'm off I can hopefully enjoy the outdoors. I have a doctor appointment next Wednesday for myself, but Sunday thru Tuesday I can pack as much spring cleaning and decorating in as possible!

Have a lovely day!


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