Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come On Pretty Weather and Let The Projects Begin!

So here we go again!

It wouldn't be spring around Lillie Mae Acres without a project or two going on. We're already gathering up the supplies, and of course I'm adding to the list of wants. The list never ends you know!

Our weather has been so warm all through January and now it's turned cool again so some of the projects have to wait a little replacing the windows with french doors in the master and gutting the bathroom. Don't want the cold air blowing in.

We've already started on the first major project. My two favorite guys are already on the first steps of closing in the back porch creating the mudroom making both the mudroom and laundry room full additions to our little brown farmhouse. I've already got interior decorating fever. But I know stress is just around the corner when it's my turn to start picking out the flooring and lighting. I don't do too good at that because all of the choices confuse me. Too many choices. Instead of using sheet rock, the walls will be wood so at least I don't have to go through the painful ordeal of choosing a paint color.

Yuck, I sound like a whiner! I'll stop now.

I've missed my blog. I've missed your blogs. I've missed my laptop. This ole thing was in and out of the shop for the past several weeks and I think it's finally back as near to itself as it'll ever be. I've never had to go through the ordeal of having a new hard drive put in and everything reprogrammed, NEVER want to again either. It's been a nightmare.

Still loving my part time job, but also still loving my home sweet home relaxing and family days.

So come on pretty weather and let the projects begin.


  1. It's great to hear that things are going on at Lillie Mae Acres ~ I love projects : )
    It sounds like you are blessed in your busy little life Denise ~ I ♥ U !!! Hugssss

  2. Oh girl, you crack me up. Sorry about all the laptop issues, it's no fun! I also get very overwhelmed at choosing color, lighting, flooring, etc... there are WAY too many choices out there. Which is good, but obviously not for people like us, lol.

    Good thing the boys can do it themselves, that will save you $$ and you get just what you want. You are going to love it when it's all done.

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day~

  3. I am so loving reading your blog! I am taking my time going thru old posts and getting lots of ideas. Have a blessed week!


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