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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Up uP AnD AwAy WeNt the SoN

Well he's just not my little boy anymore, but he'll always be my baby boy! I really don't care if that title embarrasses him or not because this mama loves her boy and I'm not going to hide it. Matthew and I have a very close relationship as he also does with his dad. We're just a small family of three, he's been home schooled since 5th grade, and raised in the country. Raised and taught to value loved ones and friends, praise God for everything, and live an humble simple life. But, he's grown now and trying his wings. Well, he'll be 18 years in late February and he flew out to Colorado to spend time with his uncle for two weeks. So he trusted Southwest wings.

We had to get up very early for him to catch his flight out. We have to drive about 45 minutes to the airport so we were able to have a little fun with Hee Haw signs as we were loading the truck. If you ever watched Hee Haw, you know what Hee Haw signs are.
I didn't realize Matthew was still half asleep. And that sweet hubby is dressed for work so he's not in his Sunday best.

Matthew's Mema (my beautiful mom) graciously spent the whole day with me, shopping and lunch after we got Matthew off on his trip. We love her so much and we're so thankful to God that we have her in our everyday lives. Just ask Wayne, she's the bestest ever mother in law a guy could have too.

As I told you in my last post, I've gone to work part-time. It's just the cutest specialy store for babies, gorgeous fine nursery furniture and beddings as well as the nicest strollers, carseats, and everyday items. It's a small mom and pop corporation with three locations in three neighboring cities that has been in business for a long time and I am loving it. Friends and family had already started asking me if I'm ready for Matthew to marry and start giving us grandbabies. The answer was and still is NO! He needs to live a little and get his education thank you! But working around all this beautiful furniture and other baby stuff has me thinking that when it does happen (no time soon please), that baby will have some very nice things.

When I suddenly started work the week after Christmas, it was practically full-time for training purposes for two weeks. But I've tapered down now and I'm ready to be part-time. Oh how our clean little organized farmhouse has suffered. My two favorite guys have been just fine, they've actually been wonderful. They've been a big help with laundry and trying to keep the kitchen clean.

I'm off today and taking a break right now after spot cleaning my Shaw area rug. After Christmas I saw a few spots on it (probably coffee drips) and now it looks so pretty and new again. Laundry is going, and we'll be sleeping on crispy clean sheets tonight.

Well, that's it folks. Thanks for stopping by for a visit to Lillie Mae Acres. It'll just be maw and paw for a couple of weeks until our Banjo Boy gets home.


  1. Love the signs, LOL, and I TOTALLY understand about your son;) Mine may be 20 now, a soldier, husband and father (wow!) but still will always be *my baby boy*, I guess we mamas just never are able to let go:) I hope you enjoy the new job, sounds like fun!

  2. What a good sport your son was with the signs.
    So cute!
    I can completely relate with having to let our little ones go and be free.
    It is so hard.
    I still struggle with Kelsey being so far away.

  3. I had to laugh at Matthew's expression... he was definitely half asleep, lol! He has the same face in all the pictures. But that was funny with all the signs.

    Love the picture of you and your mom! Sounds like you two had a great day.

    It would be hard to be around all that neat baby stuff and not want to buy any of it. But your time will come soon enough. =]

    Have a fantastic week~


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