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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Am I The First To Say: SPRING FEVER?

I don't have spring fever, I just have a lot of ideas and plans rolling around in this head of mine already. I'm mentally making my spring to-do list. Mine and hubby's list...he only knows about a few of the things on the list but I'm sure he'll be ok with the other things too.

Let's see, the biggest things are enlarging and remodeling the bathroom, then closing in the back porch and creating the mud room. Those he knows about. And of course those two projects are huge and will involve redecorating.

He's currently against painting the front door a red color but he'll give in. It's already a deep burgundy shade and I want it a pretty shade of red, maybe similar to barn yard and adding a beautiful door knocker. When I took the Christmas wreath off I noticed the paint scratched in several areas so I haven't hung another wreath yet. I'm thinking the scratched paint will prove to him that it's time to paint it. Oh those sneaky wifely things we do.

I haven't gone sunflower crazy yet but in another month or so I'll be in a hurry to create small arrangements of them throughout the house. I do love having sunflowers around to brighten up the rustic decor and add a little spring look here and there.

So you see, I'm already making mental notes but I'm not ready to declare spring fever. I'm enjoying our cooler weather too much and enjoying my buffalo plaid throws thrown around the living room. I'm enjoying my fur lined bedroom shoes at night and waking up each morning with a chill in the air. It gives me an excuse to say brrrrr and reach for my furry robe waiting on the coffee to perk.

I guess I'll hang a spring to-do list on the fridge soon.

Are you doing the same thing? Are you bouncing ideas around in your head to start on when it warms up?

What's going on in your neck of the woods right now?

I'm really really really missing Matthew. He flies home on the 24th and I wonder if he knows that his crazy mama is going to be so glad to see him that I just might embarrass him at the airport. I'll try not to of course!


  1. You crack me up girl! I hope honey's ready for it all, hehe. I have kicked a couple of ideas around in my head for spring and it's so easy because we are having spring weather right now. This crazy Oklahoma weather is insane... yesterday we had a fire in the fireplace, today it got up to 72 and the windows are open. It's 7:30 pm and the windows are STILL open, that is so unheard of for us for January! I'm trying to think of winter projects I need to get done before spring does hit and it's so hard with this nice weather, lol! I try to get all my "spring cleaning" done in the winter so I can work in the yard in the spring.

    My front door is red but needs another coat very bad. That is definitely on my list as soon as spring comes. Also going to start our living room remodel. There is always something to change, isn't there? I'm just thankful that we are blessed to own a home that we can make changes too!

    Looking forward to watching the progress on your list. You are very fortunate to have a honey that can do all the work. My honey is awesome... but not when it comes to that kind of thing, lol.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend~

  2. I have many spring cleaning projects to get done too. I just don't feel like it yet with our cold snowy and raining weather right now! You asked me where we got our door knocker with the came with the house! We were so excited when we saw it and we love having it there. It was in bad shape, so when we painted the door red my hubby repainted the door knocker a brass color and I used a black sharpie to go over the letters of the scripture on it. I hope you can find one! Hugs, Sharon

    1. A wonderful house warming gift!

    2. A wonder house warming gift!


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