Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, December 28, 2012


Freshness is what the new year brings. I know we have several months of C*O*L*D weather ahead of us but I am looking forward to a beautiful fresh new year with fresh new blessings, love, and joy all around me. 

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and we're planning a very relaxing New Year celebration, nothing really planned.  Our weather keeps flopping back and forth from very warm to very cold.  I personally like the in between.  And yes, this ole' girl has spring fever really really bad.  I always do this time of year.

Here's the gang, ganged up over in my mom's little home sweet home on Christmas evening. 

And this is not all of us.  Sadly there's too many special family members missing in these pictures,
but there's always next year! 
This is probably it folks.  The last post until next year.  Have a wonderful weekend and please be safe in your travels, celebrations, etc.  So much fun and joy can be found safely. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to everyone from Lillie Mae Acres.

Who didn't love The Brady Bunch! I still watch the reruns. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Simply C*O*L*D Good Morning to ya!

Good morning from not so warm Florida.  It's a little chilly out there.

I dressed for the weather and drove to work, knowing tonight will be a C*O*L*D one and I have to run a few errands after work. 

Would you just look at that.  37 degrees and the sun is shining as bright as it can.  Tomorrow morning will be even colder.  I usually don't have to bring coffee along, I drink enough as I'm waking up and getting ready for the day. I made a little extra to have for the long drive into town this morning though. 

It's just a few days until Christmas day and I've had Christmas in my heart all season long, but am now anxiously awaiting spring. No kidding, I'm really dreading the next few months that we will call winter. I'm ready for a new year, and can hardly wait to get started on some spring projects around the house.

This is my favorite scarf.  It has a matching cap that I'm sure I'll need as I leave work tonight.  I brought along my leather gloves too so I'll be all warm.  I also work tomorrow and that's it until after Christmas.  No more driving into town hopefully.  On second thought, I'm pretty sure I need to make a tire rotation/oil change appointment for Monday.

I pray each of you have a blessed and Merry Christmas.   

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Warm Florida Greetings

Good morning. I think everyone everywhere is experiencing warmer temps than usual for December.  I know we sure are here in Florida. 

Rufus really doesn't need this scarf.  He's just wearing it because mommy asked him to for pictures and because he realized it makes him look even more handsome than he naturally is. 

                                  Nope, no fire in the fireplace so far.
I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful month of Christmas.  I hope you're relaxing a little and enjoying those you love, enjoying some home and family time.   

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We're Still Here, Relaxing

We're still here, we're just hanging out and relaxing through this beautiful time of year.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, setting aside this special day to celebrate with family and enjoy some delicious food.  For the most part,  our family including my mom and sisters do not participate in the Thursday or Friday shopping.  This is a very special relaxing time for us to either start the Christmas decorations or continue putting them out.  Unfortunately, this month will fly by way too fast so I want to enjoy every day of it.  Have a wonderful evening and enjoy this beautiful month of CHRISTmas. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little By Little

Little by little our farmhouse is getting all prettied up for Christmas.  This is a beautiful time of year and we cherish it's meaning, festive decorations everywhere, along with fellowship and food.

My constant attention has been on Rufus, and it's paying off.  He's doing so good. Between him and my working again I'm not as quick to get things done around here as years past.  Builder Man (that sweet hubby) and I did manage to can a lot of tomatoes last night.  Hopefully we can get the rest canned tonight when I get home.   

A few months ago I decided that I would simplify this years Christmas decorating and try my best to give everything a more prim look by using less lights.  I have so many plastic tubs in the shed filled to the brim with decorations that I have collected through the years but I just want a few things sitting around instead of trying to do a lot.

I think I'm finally happy with the fireplace.  I'm happy with the mudroom, and the big family tree is up.

 These are pictures of the mudroom.  You see that blank wall above the lamp?  Builder Man is going to redo an old window out of my grandmother's house with mirrors to hang there.  I put a small tree out here in a hunting theme for my two favorite guys and all the other guys in the family that love to hunt.  I thought it would be a nice welcome since everyone enters our home throught the mudroom.  For the past several years I've collected a few antler ornaments and decided to put them all on one tree instead of throughout the large family tree. 

 I guess I need to decorate the laundry room a little since it's open doorway is in the mudroom as you can see in the left of the picture below.  I'll have to give that some thought.  I've been enjoying Christmas music on hubby's Crosley.  I got him that for Christmas last year and we have enjoyed it so much.     

I didn't put any type of light on the mantel or hearth.  I don't know if we'll have "fireplace weather" until after Christmas so I went ahead and did what I wanted to do and can just remove stuff if we want or need a fire.   
 This is our large family tree.  I hate that this corner is so congested and may move the chair.  But where?  My living room is very narrow so I'm very limited but it always works in the end. 

My mom found my buffalo check material that I had been looking for out of town.  I just simply made slip covers for the living room pillows that can be removed after winter and I love them!  I had been looking everywhere for this fabric and she actually found fleece throws for me to cut and use. 

 I've always loved burlap.  I'm so glad that it's popular and "in style" right now because it makes it a lot easier to find.  I found this beautiful burlap wired ribbon at Hobby Lobby and knew instantly that it was going on our tree somehow. 
Well, thanks again for stopping by Lillie Mae Acres.  You never know what we're up to around here.  We have so many unfinished building and remodeling projects going on but we just tip toe around the mess and enjoy a relaxed life. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy Lit'l Elf, Spoiled Lit'l Rufus

Hey there.  Thanks for stopping by Lillie Mae Acres today.  We're already decorating parts of the farmhouse for Christmas, leaving a fall atmosphere in the kitchen for Thanksgiving.  Some days are cool some days are warm.  That's our usual fall pattern so we just have to pretend it's cold and beautiful outside.

Would you just look at this elf.  He'd better not let Rufus see him or he'll have to run as fast as he can and hide.  Rufus likes moving creatures. 

Speaking of Rufus, my two favorite guys told me I was spoiling him.  Well, I think these pictures prove different!

See you next time.  Have a blessed week.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Morning from the COUNTRY

Good morning from Lillie Mae Acres in the country.  Praying for my country!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Too Funny!

You'll love this!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Enjoying His Glory

Just another beautiful cool morning filled with blessings from above. Enjoying His glory.  God is so good isn't He?  I'm praying for this presidential election coming up as He expects us to.  Praying that God blesses America and that our leaders turn this country back into the God fearing country history proves it was and should be. 

Here on Lillie Mae Acres, our family scripture verse is:

This is not just a pile of words.  We fully trust God to help us every day, we trust Him with every aspect of our lives, and that includes whatever happens in this presidential election.  But we have prayed about every politician both local, state, and national.  We're proud to be Americans and are proud to exercise our right to vote.  Our household votes by absentee ballot each year due to our schedules and the location of our polling place.  Our ballot was two pages both sides (4 pages), so it was not an easy thing just to sit down and fill out.  But God has a plan as He always has.  He has a plan for this great nation, for the state you live in, and the community you live in.  He has a plan for you and your family, your home.  

I don't want to take even a second for granted.  I don't want to let a blessing pass me by without recognising it and thanking Him for it.  Every breath I take, every penny that enters our pockets.  Thank you God for your blessings on me and my loved ones.   
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week with beautiful weather. 
I'm getting a little nervous about these holidays hurling up on us.  Can you believe how fast this year has flown?  I guess the older we get the faster time passes.  Do you feel that way too?  Are you all decorated for fall and Thanksgiving yet?  When will you decorate for Christmas?     

Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Cool Crisp Morning To Ya!

Good morning.  It's finally chilly here almost every morning and evening so we sure are taking advantage of that. 
The leaves are falling and crunching under our feet.  And the floors are cooler under our tootsies when we crawl out of bed.  I've been enjoying a Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer in my afternoon coffee. 

Rufus enjoys the cool grass and crunchy leaves under his belly.
Matt took Rufus riding Sunday afternoon and he enjoyed that!

Our stick family is complete.  I was finally able to add a family dog to represent Rufus.  Look at him, he looks like he's chomping on Shadow's tail.  

A busy puppy always has to nap in between activities. 

Thanks for stopping by this morning.  Have a blessed week.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's A Bouncing Boy

Meet Rufus Jack Jones.  He's a beautiful bouncing baby boy, all white German Shepherd born 4 1/2 months ago on my birthday.  That's right, mommy (that's me) and Rufus share the same birthday.  How neat it that?

Builder Man (that's what I'm calling that sweet hubby of mine these days) and I have been praying for the perfect male GSDog to become part of our family.  A friend told Matthew about him and everything worked out.  I knew I loved him before I even seen a picture.  I just knew.  And when we did see a picture of him, he already looked just like a Rufus and just like the perfect little one we would love to share our home with.

I picked him up after work tonight.  His picture did not do him justice.  He is adorable with an adorable personality.  Sweet little thing that we're already spoiling.

Rufus on his way home to his new life on the farm.   

Rufus all tuckered out from exploring, playing, and being loved on.
I think Rufus is really going to get used to all this attention in no time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bathroom Reno update

We're still in the middle of the big bathroom reno!  Builder Man is still pecking away at it in all of his spare time, bless his heart I do love that man!  It's taking longer than we expected because our shower designer  went out of business two weeks (yes just 2 weeks) before we called him.  If anyone tells you the economy is looking up in Florida, they don't know what they are talking about.  The building industry is still suffering so bad and the little man is folding up shop everyday.  

A lot has been completed though.  The new addition is built, insulation and sheet rock, rerouted plumbing and electrical almost done.  But nothing cosmetic.  Patience is the key!  We've always been DIYers so we're used to it.

Below is the final color pallet. 

My mom and I are going shopping tomorrow and I have a Dupont Corian sample tile in Verde (the earthy green for the hand towels) to take along in my purse and try my best to find towels to match.  We're not using that color for anything else.  I just think it's pretty in small touches, maybe against chocolate brown large towels on display.  We'll see!
Have a blessed day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Excited About the Mail

Hey there.  Isn't fall just about your favorite time of year?  It's still warm all day here but the mornings and evenings are starting to be so nice. 

Yesterday being Sunday, you'd think there wouldn't be any new mail.  Builder Man had checked the mail Saturday but didn't bring it in, so boy howdy was I excited when he came walking in with a piece of mail for me from..............those lovely ladies over at Gooseberry Patch.  Don't you just love them and all those wonderful cookbooks?

They plan to use another one of my recipes in a future cookbook.  Details later!

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet Little Tower

Looking in the pantry this morning, I noticed this! Not just the clutter (so yes I'll be organizing this shelf as well as the others today) but this sweet little tower thing created here supporting our overweight and unhealthy lifestyle.  These delicious jars of late night snack products, convenience in a jar.  A spoon full of peanut butter can be a fast energy booster late afternoon.  But I don't think the Jet Puffed cream is supposed to do that.  It's some good stuff though!  Hmmm, maybe I need to rethink the grocery list when it comes to snacks.

But you'll see below that we do have a choice.And from the look of those hanging bananas, we need to choose to eat more bananas before they go bad.

That's just one shelf in the pantry.  I guess it's time to get up and get cleaning so I can organize the pantry today.  Does your pantry stay messy?  If not, how do you keep it organized?   Give me some tips! 

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting All Spruced Up for Fall

I've been doing a whole lot of talking about getting this little farmhouse all spruced up for fall.  I finally got started on it, a few more things to do.

We love this time of year.  The weather is not making drastic changes here in Florida like it may be in your neck of the woods.  The leaves aren't really changing and falling, we don't have an old downtown full of nice shops getting decorated for upcoming fall celebrations.  Nothing really changes around town anytime soon so I feel like I have to work extra hard to create the atmosphere of fall right here for us.  Sure the big department stores are getting new fall and halloween items out to get everyone to start buying early.  I even see Christmas stuff out already. 

Tonight we're grilling chicken on the grill.  It's very warm here and it's rained all day.  I'm not complaining, I'm just keeping on decorating so our personal surroundings are beautiful and festive to us.

My mom and I went shopping today and I bought a beautiful fall sweather and scarf for the upcoming season.  Don't you just love the colors of fall?  How are things changing in your neck of the woods?

A lot more pictures to come.  Since a lot of construction is happening on and around the front porch, I can't decorate that are this year.  That's ok, there is always next year.