Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is Beautiful to You?

Sometimes I need to go for a walk, sometimes I just want to. Just me and God, so I can talk to Him, soak in His love, mercies, goodness, and blessings. Thinking and praying with just the sounds of nature. When I think about it, I take my camera.

What is beautiful to you?

I love wood, rust, years of wear and tear. Everything doesn't have to be pretty and new. There is beauty all around.

Monday, May 16, 2011

This and That on A Monday

Hey there everyone. Here in Florida, we are having the prettiest weather. We got a little rain over the weekend so now it's very chilly at night and in the mornings, then sunny and warm during the days. It's already May so we know it won't last long so we're trying to soak in every minute of it. How's your weather?

I am a mama that loves her kid! We are both so proud of him and the young man he has grown up to be. Last night before we left for church, I just had to have a picture of him wearing this red tie. He wears it on stage sometimes, so decided to try it out on the church folks. LOL

He told the pastor he was going for the Scruggs look. You know Earl Scruggs, which of course is one of his banjo pickin' heroes.

Matthew was out of town last weekend until Sunday afternoon. So of course I was sulking a little, having a pity party because my boy wasn't here on Mother's Day. Both of the groups he picks in was booked at a festival from Friday thru Saturday, then they had to travel home Sunday (Mother's Day). But look what beautiful vegetable plaques he gave me. He went shopping while he was away and picked these out. He has good taste I'm telling ya'll.
This is not the first time he's shawn me that. He's the one that picked out our living room area rugs. I had another print in mind and he pointed out all the negatives about it until he sold me on the one we got. No regrets either! He was right about the colors and print.

The Hickory farmhouse kitchen table is all finished. We ate our first meal on it last night after church. We're missing one of the side chairs because Wayne noticed a crack in a bottom rung when oiling it. It'll be about two weeks before the replacement rung is in. Then all three will be down the same side.

Total seating for the seven foot long table is eight, maybe nine if a fourth person can squeeze in on the six foot long bench. I told Wayne and Matthew that they still have to turn it over and sign and date it with the wood burner.

I'm usually in the city on Mondays but decided to clean housse today and grocery shop tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day filled with laughter, love, and letting SONshine in. See ya'll later right back here on Lillie Mae Acres.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Cute and How Cheap!

Here's how $2.00 plus tax made Lillie Mae happy.

I haven't been to a Cracker Barrel in a long time, so I guess I missed the "Tea" collection. I have no idea what all they had, but I know they had a cute little salt and pepper set. We had to go out of town Thursday, so we stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel on the way home. You know me, I find the sale and clearance section almost everywhere I go shopping.

I instantly saw the cutest salt and pepper set that I just had to have. There weren't any other items matching it anywhere around and there was a 70% off sign on the table.

Aren't they adorable? You know I didn't "need" these, but I knew they'd match my window planters and at that price, how could I leave them sitting there all alone?

If any of you wonderful friends out in blogland have pieces to this collection, I'd love to see them.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Farmhouse Table has Come Home, well almost!

First of all THANK GOODNESS they've got blogger back up and running. And to update you on our beautiful GS dog Banjo, he's doing good. He's been on Phenobarbital for a week now and so far no seizures. It's a waiting game. I really do appreciate your prayers, advise, and kind words.

That super sweet, terrific, talented, hubby of mine (sorry I'm so sappy) has brought our kitchen table and bench home. Him and a friend made it at the friend's cabinet shop and he has brought it home for him and Matthew to finish. They put the first coat of Tung Oil on everything but the bench today. They have a little work to do on the bench, then sanding, then Tung Oil. I don't know how many times they plan to rub it with the oil, Wayne said until it looks just right. It's beautiful and I already cherish it.

It's just one more handmade piece of furniture in our home that's meant to become a family heirloom in years to come, cherished by Matthew and his family, followed by their kids and their kids, etc. I know how much I love and cherish the furniture I have that my dad made and the antique items that once belonged to family members from the past lovingly given to me by my mother. I know I can't be the only sentimental lady alive.

The above pictures are right after they unloaded it. Unfinished and before we sanded on it a little more. Wayne wanted me to be able to tell him when the corners looked just right to me, after all we did draw this table and bench out, and designed it perfect for our farmhouse kitchen. It measures seven feet by three feet. The bench is six feet and fits perfectly between the table legs.

Below, the table and chairs are getting their first coat of Tung Oil. Look at that beautiful grain of the hickory coming through. We chose not to put a stain on it, with the oil it will darken with age.

Last but certainly not least, we just celebrated Wayne's 55th birthday. Not in the big way that I wanted to like taking a family trip to the mountains but we enjoyed it just the same. I made him a chocolate candy bar cake to go with ice cream after a spaghetti supper.

I hope everyone is doing alright with all this crazy weather from state to state. It's HOT HOT HOT, already reached over 100F some days here in north Florida. As I create this post, it's pouring outside, pounding on the metal roof, thundering and lightning. The rain is more than welcome, but I sure wish the other would go away. I really hate to complain though, because neighboring states are having it much worse, some losing so much. Our prayers are going out to all of them, especially the ones losing loved ones and friends.

Thanks as usual for stopping by Lillie Mae Acres. You're welcome to come back anytime and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What A Blessing! Happy Mother's Day!

What a blessing to be a mom and to have my mom.

Me and my beautiful mom.

The reason I am a mom.

To each and every one of you, have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.