Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We've just been busy busy busy around Lillie Mae Acres. How about you, have you been busier than usual around your lovely home? Spring weather always brings new energy and ideas. If you're still having old man winter outside your backdoor, don't envy us. Just know that those of us down here in the south that have early springs, end up with scorching summer temps way earlier than you too.

My two favorite guys were busy all last week working on the backside of our home, so nothing new got done inside. It's VERY rare for that sweet hubby of mine to take a whole week off, so last week he devoted it to putting a metal roof over half of our patio/pool area. It really blocks a lot of the evening sun and will help with our electric bill too. It's taking us a little time to get used to it because now the sun is not blasting though our back windows so it kind of seems like it's cloudy outside.

One of the Bluegrass groups Matthew picks in had a big night Saturday and performed very well. They did so good! I haven't been to any of their practices so a lot of the songs were new to me and I could tell that they have been working real hard.

I found my Lily a BEAUTIFUL Easter dress at JC Penneys today so tomorrow I hope she'll let me take some pretty pictures of her outside. We'll see. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and thanks so much for dropping by.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just a Sneaky Peeky

Hey there! HAPPY SPRING to you, I hope your weather is SONshiny and beautiful where you live. It sure has been pretty here. I've been outside a lot getting things all clean and cutesy (is that a word) and seeing what all survived the cold temps of winter. A lot of my plants did, and I have to admit that I didn't do much to protect them. I've also been enjoying my clothesline more and more. I love my clothesline! I'm seriously thinking about doing what my friend Lisa does. She uses good liquid fabric softener in the wash (which I already do), and she actually hangs her towels out then just fluffs them up in the dryer for about 5-10 minutes. I wonder if the energy savings would actually be enough to be worth it? I already hang our sheets, jeans, and work clothes. And anything big and bulky like comforters.

This is exciting! Here's just a little sneaky peeky at something that I will be posting about later in the week. Hopefully!

It's not finished yet. You'll just have to wait and practice MUCH patience like I always have to do with all of our DIY projects around Lille Mae Acres. Of course almost every thing that goes on is a DIY project unless it's something that we just can't handle on our own.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a blessed Sunday evening and week, filled with SONshine, love, and joy!

Monday, March 14, 2011


QUESTION: When does a little boy become a man?

ANSWER: Overnight!

Sitting in church Sunday morning, I couldn't take my eyes off of him during singing. He stood there, on stage, picking the guitar. He was the tallest man up there. He had on men's clothing and men's cowboy boots. He had a nice short haircut and close shave. A very handsome young man.

He favors the baby boy, he favors the toddler, he somewhat still looks like the little boy. It's just that he's not any of those anymore, not on the outside. He's still got the same heart beating inside of him, he's still got the same beautiful blue eyes and smile, but his voice is different. It's deeper, way deeper.

His manners, friendliness, and some of his expressions are the same as the little boy, a lot less shy of course. A lot of his actions and ways he conducts himself are different than those of the little boy, more mature. His movements are slower, less playful.

I see him up there and my heart is filled with love, pride, joy, but sadness too. How is that?

Didn't I know this would happen?

Didn't I realize 17 years ago that he would become a grown man one day? I did realize it, I just didn't think it would happen overnight.

I read this book to Matthew so many times when he was little. I'm sure most of you have read the book, so I'm sure you know that you can't read it without crying.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slowwww Progress, But Every Litl' Bit Counts

Hey there everyone! How's everyone doing these days? I'm sorry I haven't been posting regular in a while, there always seems to be SOMETHING that takes my attention from it. I haven't been keeping up and commenting as much either, but plan to get back into that routine. I know I've missed a lot and have a lot of reading to do! I miss it with my morning coffee, but with the weather warming up like it has been here in Florida, pretty soon I'll probably be able to sit outside and enjoy coffee, Bible reading, then blogging in the mornings. I miss that all winter!

The major spring projects are slowwwwly getting started around Lillie Mae Acres.

Here's a SNEAK PEAK at what is going to be my new kitchen pantry. It was our central air conditioner closet until we got a new heat pump unit installed so now everything is outside. What better way to make use of the space since it's just a step or two from the main kitchen area.

The inside will be the same pretty yellow as my kitchen backsplash, I think I'm the lucky one that gets to paint it tomorrow after church. Wayne already primed it and painted one coat of the yellow, then he caulked it after building the shelves. It'll be ready for the final coat tomorrow. He's got to frame the door opening out. The pantry door will be a beautiful wooden screen door painted barnyard red with an antique fork (from my very own family) bent and attached for the door handle. Just wait and see, it's gonna be purdy!

I had Lily today and keeping her out of the freshly painted wet area was a trick. Sneaky little thing kept going in and stomping on the floor when she found out she wasn't supposed to. Luckily, it was almost dry!
I'll post the pictures as soon as it's all done. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Much Going On Right Now

Look what my sweet friend Benita made for me. She is always creating and finding the prettiest and cutest graphics to send. Thank you Benita!

Not much has been going on around here, the improvement projects are SLOWWWWWWWLY getting started, and not fast enough for me. The pantry, the covered patio, and the farmhouse/harvest table for the kitchen. That's the three BIG projects on the list that is vital for my sanity.

I've already purchased the paint to freshin up the iron patio furniture, I saw a few rust spots the other day. I've been outside inspecting my plants and am glad to say that most everything survived winter. A lot of green is popping through the dirt.

Here's a thrifty find to report to ya'll. The Dollar General has a good selection of garden flags for $1.50 each. It's the ones for the iron stake, not the wooden poles. But I have a few from Michaels and the quality of these seem just as good. I've paid $6 for some of the ones from Michaels. They also have the stakes and then also have the sets. Maybe if you're interested you can find some at your DG too.

I hope all of you are enjoying warmer weather. I know it's not beautiful everywhere yet, I know some of you are still covered in snow. Here in Florida it has been averaging 70's and even low 80's most days. Don't be jealous of us though because you know we'll be in the 100's, windless, and sometimes little rain in a couple of months and we will be suffering.

Hopefully, I'll have some exciting news of at least one completed projest real soon. Thank you for stopping back by, as always each and every follower and reader is appreciated!