Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Little Building Project

What's been on Lillie Mae's sweet honey-do list for a long time now? A mud room and remodeled bathroom! What just got built? One side of the wrap around porch.

I'm not ungrateful, I sincerely do count my blessings and thank God for my two favorite hard working guys and their skills. It's just that the wrap around porch came out of the blue. Honestly it seems like one day my sweet hubby asked be to go outside and look at something (the side of the house) and he told me what he was fixing to do. Then practically the next day he picked up the (pre-ordered) cypress and lumber from the sawmill and my guys went to town building. Hmmm, pre-ordered? That means this idea was rolling around in his head and actually planned out as I was showing him pictures off the internet of my new mud room and bathroom desires. Hmmm, them men sure are sneaky!

Of course I had a flower garden that was going to interfere with this side of the wrap around, so I had to get out there and move it. No problem, the weather was beautiful both days I worked on it.

Here are a few pictures of the new porch. We do plan to bring the roof line over to cover it in the near future and when we buy two new rocking chairs for the front porch, we will bring the Adirondack furniture my dad built over to this side of the porch.

In the above picture, I've labeled the things we still plan to get out there and do before it's too cold! Bringing the roof line over will probably not happen anytime soon.

Our weather is finally cool and sometimes cold, so the Christmas spirit is flowing. I think I'll start my baking soon. Have you already started yours?

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