Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, November 19, 2011

From Our Neck of the Woods

Just a little note from our humble home in our neck of the woods to yours, I hope each of you have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

I will spend this weekend making sure Lillie Mae Acres gets a spit n shine, making sure I have all of my ingredients, and trying to contain my excitement. My mom and I have a shopping trip planned for early in the week, our last chance to pick up what we don't already have.

I can almost smell the turkey, dressing, and sweet potato souffle. I can almost taste the pumpkin pie. I can already hear me and my dear sweet hubby exchanging conversation while cooking, me trying to get things done and free one burner so he can squeeze in and fry up the collards. I can see my grandmother's silver lined up at each place setting, the small cut glass platter that jellied cranberry sauce has been served from since my childhood and probably before, I can even faintly hear the Macy's parade on the living room TV.

Most of all, my mind has been in the place of thankfulness for some time now. Even before November rolled around. How about yours? Doesn't everything seem more important than it used to? Doesn't everyone seem more special than they ever have before? God is just so mighty, His love, mercy, and power so crystal clear in every inch of my life.


  1. It sounds lovely:) I have a pumpkin pie in the oven as we speak, my mom prepares Thanksgiving dinner at her house and she makes pumpkin rolls (she doesn't care for the pie) so I usually make one here for us:) This will be our first Thanksgiving without my son but they are cooking (YIKES!) but we have the Christmas visit to look forward to! Many blessings to you and yours for a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thanks for being such a good blog/FB friend ((HUGS))

  2. Reading this makes me hungry.......It all sounds so gooooood....I am so thankful to our Lord also. We can see his handiwork all around us. He is indeed good. Blessings and enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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