Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, November 28, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here, I'm still breathing, My little country heart is still ticking. I've just been so busy this month. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we're all looking forward to a wonderful Christmas celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ, our faith, family, and our blessings from above.

I'll be back as soon as possible with an update, a more interesting post, or just a simple hello from Lillie Mae Acres.

I sure miss ya!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

From Our Neck of the Woods

Just a little note from our humble home in our neck of the woods to yours, I hope each of you have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

I will spend this weekend making sure Lillie Mae Acres gets a spit n shine, making sure I have all of my ingredients, and trying to contain my excitement. My mom and I have a shopping trip planned for early in the week, our last chance to pick up what we don't already have.

I can almost smell the turkey, dressing, and sweet potato souffle. I can almost taste the pumpkin pie. I can already hear me and my dear sweet hubby exchanging conversation while cooking, me trying to get things done and free one burner so he can squeeze in and fry up the collards. I can see my grandmother's silver lined up at each place setting, the small cut glass platter that jellied cranberry sauce has been served from since my childhood and probably before, I can even faintly hear the Macy's parade on the living room TV.

Most of all, my mind has been in the place of thankfulness for some time now. Even before November rolled around. How about yours? Doesn't everything seem more important than it used to? Doesn't everyone seem more special than they ever have before? God is just so mighty, His love, mercy, and power so crystal clear in every inch of my life.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Busy Bunch of This n That

Hey there everyone. Don't ask me what all has been going on, I can't even begin to list how busy we've been around here. Just a bunch of this and a bunch of that.

Here's a small hint at something I've been doing a little of each day.

For some reason, I seem to be hitting dead ends with decorating ideas and motivation this year. Our home is really not much bigger than a cabin. It's a very small home so I have to be careful to save room for people to actually walk around. Honestly folks, it's almost that bad but we love it and love our land around it. So I'm not complaining when I say it's small.

Week before last, my mom and her hubby were on staycation (a week at home to do whatever they pleased) so I hopped in their vehicle with them and took two day trips out of town. We had so much fun.

Last week dear sweet hubby and I went on a little day trip out of town, just me and him. He had one mid morning appointment then the rest of the day was ours for miles and miles. He surprised me with a late lunch at P F Chang's (yummy), then we took the plunge and got the Nissan Armada LE that I've been dreaming of.

After driving a mid-size GMC Jimmy for years, this thing feels so roomy and comfortable. When we go out of town this coming Friday, I think I'll pile in the back and watch Christmas movies.

We do give God all the glory for the many blessings He sees fit to bestow upon us, He gets all the glory and praise. With Thanksgiving here upon us, I'm thinking about our blessings (not just personal) more and more, America is still the most blessed country, to have loving family and friends is a blessing, and of course the list just goes on and on.

I allowed myself (inadvertently) to get behind with my end of the homeschooling paperwork, so here I am pulling my hair out this month playing catchup. A little weepy too, Matthew took both junior and senior classes this year so he's done after mid December. He'll have a diploma in his hand and will have to decide when to start college or trade school. My son is grown, I want my little boy back!

My beautiful niece and her hubby scheduled baby Colliar's dedication back to God for this past Sunday and I was so thrilled that she had it video taped and got some good pictures.

I sure do miss them but they are doing so good and we are so proud of them. I do thank God for modern technology.

Our weather here around Lillie Mae Acres has been a little warm. We had a cold snap a few days ago, then it warmed right back up, right now as I type it's 66F. I sure hope it cools off next week, just to add to the holiday atmosphere a little.

I'm definitely a planner. I have lists in my purse and these menu plans are currently hanging on my refrigerator.
Are you a planner too? I can work alright under pressure, but pre-planning is so stress free.

Today, I'm going to go plunder in the shed and try to come up with an empty plastic box/tote. I'm sure I can combine a few things so I don't have to go to the store and buy yet another one.
What did we ever do before some smart person invented these things?