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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, October 31, 2011

Starting Tomorrow

November 1st, it'll be here tomorrow and that means NOTHING can stop Lillie Mae from decorating for Christmas. Well in all honesty, I've snuck and started already. I started Saturday when Matthew brought the big tree up from the shed. It's pre lit so it just stood here in the living room until today without any ornaments on it. I'm going to just do a little each day even if it takes all week.

The kitchen is still decorated for Thanksgiving until afterwards, usually the weekend. I enjoy taking my time and decorating early enough so we can all enjoy the seasons and holidays along with all the beauty that surrounds them.

I already have the boxes of Christmas cards sitting out so I can get started on them soon. I've got so much end of the year paperwork to complete and turn in with Matt's school work, that has to be done first. So him and I both will be very busy next week. His end of the year is mid November. That's one of the joys of homeschooling, you can take twelve months and spread it out, taking as many breaks as you want. The way he likes to travel and plays in the bands, there are a lot of times that we can't work a whole month without time off.

Starting tomorrow November 1st women everywhere will start their holiday decorating. I can't help that I've always been a preplanner. Although I work well under pressure, I do much better with a set of plans rolling around in my country head.

I can hardly wait until we all start sharing pictures of our homes decked out for the special months ahead.

See ya later, I've got to get to bed so I can be an early riser in the morning with the roosters and do a little bit more decorating.


  1. You do start early! I used to, but I have so much Thanksgiving/Fall decor now, I want to enjoy it for as long as I least until the day after Thanksgiving. Our decor goes up then and the tree the following Sunday.
    Have fun..can't wait to see photos!

  2. Sharon, you are too funny! I can't really decorate for Christmas just yet, but i can definitely put on the Christmas music!

  3. LOL, you sure are itching to get that decor up:) I'm always glad when Halloween is over, I'm not a big fan of it and then we can move on to better things;) I also love when stores get all of Halloween put away and it's all Christmas:)Have fun decorating!

  4. Oh I know what you're doing right now ~ there's Christmas music on at Lillie Mae Acres, you're going through all your treasured ornaments & deciding which ones to put where, you have that joyous spirit in your heart that's always there every day of the year, you're a happy homemaker !! I can't wait to see your Cozy Christmas at Lillie Mae Acres: )
    LOVE ~

  5. Hey there Lillie Mae- just catching up with some long-overdue blogging and wanted to say I love your Christmas spirit. I definitely get into the spirit starting Nov 1st (ok, maybe a bit earlier like you ;) ) but on pain of death from my husband I cannot decorate for the best holiday of the year until December 1st. :) I get in the spirit, however, by playing Christmas music and using November to plan gift-giving, baking, etc, so Im all redy to go in December. Its a wonderful time of the year, right?

    Blessings, hope you'll share some of your holiday decorations with us at some point.


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