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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pitty in Pink

My beautiful pink cuppycake Lily just turned 2 years old and she is pitty in pink. Pitty is how she says pretty! Her mommy made sure to take a lot of pictures of her for us and of the big girl bedroom they created for her while she was out with her grandmother. Then they surprised her with it when she got home. I did the same on Matthew's 2nd birthday, way way too many years ago. Sniffle sniffle! I think the 2nd birthday is the perfect age and occasion to create a big boy/girl bedroom if possible.
My niece said Lily was so excited! She wouldn't let anyone on the bed because it was HERS. As of this morning, she still doesn't want anyone up in the bed except she did want her mommy to lay down with her for a few minutes. I just can't believe she's already 2 and in a big girl bed!
I love it! I made and sent her the wooden L I L Y letters for her wall and the decals on the new furniture match her bedding perfectly.

She looks pretty happy to me! Or should we say Pitty Happy!
Her grandmother made her a sock monkey cake. Isn't it adorable? Her baby brother is about to arrive any day now, mommy (my niece Mandy) has already had a few complications so they didn't dare plan a huge birthday party. They planned her big girl room and a few more nice gifts, her grandmother took her out for lunch so her parents could do this, and then I think they were going to take her to Chucky Cheese.

Mandy said these huge letters fit perfectly and cover up most of her play floor in her room.
Matthew, oh that banjo picking boy! We are so proud of him, not only for his great talents but for his walk with God and his personal relationship with God. He's a fine young Christian man and seeking His will for his future.
He just had to have this beautiful 1989 Granada! It's a Gibson banjo, and of course mom and dad wanted him to have it too because he is so serious about his music and picking in church and in the bands that he belongs to. If you don't know (which I didn't until recently), this banjo is a VERY GOOD thing!

Today I mowed the grass for the last time this year I think. It wasn't too high, I just wanted to trim it all up pretty one last time. My plants are fading away for fall and winter, soon I'll pile them all close to one another and get ready to cover them when the weather man tells me to.

Well, that's it folks. I've got a dirty kitchen to get up and clean and a huge comfy bed to go crawl into as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya later!


  1. Such Sweet Little darlin' ...

    Have enjoyable week...
    Warm Blessings

  2. Lily is adorable! The 2nd birthday is the time I always put my little ones in their big girl/boy bed! How exciting that is!
    I LOVE to hear the Banjo played! That's awesome that he's so serious about his music...Christian music especially!!

  3. Your Lily is adorable and how is it possible, already 2!! What a great tradition!!

    I mowed for the last time over the weekend. I love working my yard but am glad to put the mower away for the season :)



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