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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Looking Ahead & Getting Excited

Am I the only female that does not like shopping in crowds and fighting my way through big sale events during the Christmas shopping season? Surely not! You know I love shopping at a slow easy pace plundering through thrift stores, antique malls, and flea markets. That's way different than trying to decide what to buy someone for Christmas and running out to get it at the lowest price of the season, etc., etc. It's madness and spoils the reason for the season so I will not do it. You won't catch me in town the day after Thanksgiving. You won't catch me in town Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas. I'll wait a few days after Christmas and start checking on the sale and clearance isles as I go into town to grocery shop. That's when I find my seasonal bargains. People are back to being friendly then too. Have you noticed how the holidays bring out the worst attitudes in people that let it? What a shame!

I'm happy to inform the world that this year both of my favorite guys are wanting things that have to be ordered! Yay! I thought we were going to have to go laptop shopping for Matthew but he's decided he doesn't want or need one since he's fixing to get a new phone. So he has already placed some nice things in the checkout of an online catalog for musicians, and when I'm ready to place the order I'll just CLICK and it's done. How simple is that gonna be? He even told me a couple of the things are things his dad wants. BINGO!

I sure hope the above doesn't sound materialistic to you. Believe me, our greatest joy is the decorating and celebrating. Gift buying is certainly the least pleasure of it all. My mom and I have both started shopping each week for special items for the people that we wish to give a little something to. It's a pleasure to find stuff that I can stop and think about rather than just grab something for someone just because I think I owe them a gift. I do not like that feeling at all!

CELEBRATING and DECORATING....that's Lillie Mae's love. I love what Christmas is all about. I love the Christmas story, beautiful nativity scenes, cooking/baking, family, and friends. I have several get togethers bouncing around in my head for us to host here on Lillie Mae Acres and hope it all works out.

But first we're are already looking forward to Thanksgiving! My mom and I have already discussed and re-discussed the menu and the day. Who will cook what! I love Thanksgiving too. How about you, are you already looking ahead and getting excited? Are you already thinking about Thanksgiving?


  1. You most certainly are NOT the only one!!! Hate is a strong word and I try to not use it too often, BUT.....I HATE shopping in crowds!!! It's too much for me to go to Walmart on a Saturday or evening, only in emergency, other times I go early in the am! I love the decorating, time with family as well, not so much the shopping:)

  2. NOT a shopper here -- you'd never find me leaving my home on black friday, lol. I do some catalog shopping but try to pick things up here and there all year as I see what would be perfect for someone. I have about 1/2 my gift buying done -- we try to focus on the decorating, baking, cooking, eating and entertaining -- oh, and the fact that it is the Lord's birthday :)


  3. I'm not one for large crowds and shopping all
    the big sale events, being country plain jane
    simple gal..slower pace is my style... Shopping
    early am. Enjoy decortaing but then its just
    simple.. Thanksgiving we have so much to be
    thankful this season... Good Health and blessing from above...
    Warm Autmun Blessings


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