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Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time to Start Cozying Up the Farmhouse

It's almost here folks. It's time to start cozying up the ole' farmhouse here on Lillie Mae Acres with fall harvest decor. I think I'll keep it very simple this year. We're hosting Thanksgiving again here so I can always add more beautiful things here and there when that time comes. And here's something I didn't even think about, I'm undecided about what I want our home to smell like through the fall and winter months. Most of us automatically think of pumpkin, spice, cinnamon, and apple scents for our home and of course they are already on the shelves. I'm always attracted to those cute cinnamon brooms, then when you get them home they don't last so no more of those! The other day while browsing around one of my favorite stores Cracker Barrel, I smelled it. Not the usual scents that I just listed, it was a familiar scent from my past. A scent I first fell in love with while vacationing in the mountains. Mulberry! Years ago, I coated our home with the scent of Mulberry. That got old and I moved on to other scents. I actually haven't thought about or even seen Mulberry scented anything in years. I inhaled and inhaled and inhaled and still walked out without buying anything Mulberry. I've about made up my mind though, that I will! I did get a few cute things that I'll share with you later.

Ready to start the fall 2011 tour of Lillie Mae Acres?

This will be the first fall/winter holidays with our farmhouse table. I just can't hardly wait to serve a huge family Thanksgiving on it to the ones I love.

Notice. I still have not decided on a welcome mat for the front porch. Remember my post about looking for one a few postings ago? Actually, I haven't really been looking lately. I need to!
We've been having some winds here so I already have a lot of leaves everywhere. I think they are the ones left hanging on the trees from winter.
Every time I look down at this basket of canning jars, it reminds me that I need to start thinking about the county fair and what I want to enter.

I love my little miniature display.

A bit cluttered on top of the pie safe so I'll probably change this around.
Why doesn't mustard show up pretty in pictures. This candle shelf is grungy mustard but looks pale yellow. ??

I need to redo my wreath on the front door, it is warped for some reason. Hmmm?
Check out my artwork. I created this cute little welcoming scarecrow with my much loved liquid chalk.

One of my trees showing the signs of fall.

My mom and I have already started discussing the Thanksgiving menu. You're probably thinking that it's way too early, but I've also started buying up my ingredients each week. I do love to be able to plan and be in control of things when I can.

I love love love my fall apron that I got from Cracker Barrel a few years ago. I've already seen one there this year that is burgundy with a beautiful turkey on it so I just might have to have it, along with the Mulberry scents i found. Still thinking about it.

That's it folks. As the weather changes and starts getting cooler, I'll pull out a few of my warm cozy buffalo check throws for the living room, but I won't decorate for fall in there because on Thanksgiving day I'll have the large family Christmas tree up for family to enjoy. I hope you enjoyed my fall tour. I can't wait to start seeing yours.
We're getting ready for the fall garden and hopefully that's where the collards will come from for frying up. YUM!

Thanks for coming by. Have a blessed weekend and stay safe if you live in the areas getting bad weather.


  1. I LOVED the fall tour of your home, thanks for taking us along! I have my totes out and slowly going through them. I gotta clean my home as I go so the fall is going out way to slow for me, hehe! You have some wonderful things, love all the scarecrows and pumpkins, well... ALL of it! Love the piece you made too!

    That's funny that you brought up the scent mulberry. I recently re-discovered it also. I bought it years ago and used it so much that it wore its welcome out in our home. I recently bought some Scentsy in that scent and it smells so good. This time I will use it in moderation as not to tire of it so quickly.

    I have already been buying my Christmas baking ingredients on my grocery trips. If I waited until the last minute, I wouldn't be able to afford all that I needed, haha! So I totally understand!

  2. You have such a beautiful home and the Fall decor just makes it so welcoming!
    I haven't decorated for Fall yet, I don't until Oct. 1st. But I'm sure getting a lot of new ideas! Thank you!

  3. Love all your signs of fall, my favorite season!!!! I should be heading off to bed, have to get up at 2:30 am to start my journey to HI, but instead I'm reading blogs, LOL!!!!

  4. Your decor is so pretty! I love your Pfaltzgraff dishes in the hutch!


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